Punt Money - Tim Kleindienst (24p)

  • Had a lucky day today, with Mark Noble picking up £96 in dividends for me (totally boasting... it was fab ha).

    I was tempted to stick that money into McTominay (£1.39), so as to play the injury strategy but after a little digging, I've decided to take a punt on the incredible, awe inspiring, Tim Kleindienst... Never heard of him? Yeah... neither had I until 15 minutes ago.

    Here's what I know...

    • 24 years old
    • German forward (Centre Forward, can play Right Wing)
    • Playing for Bundesliga 2's: FC Heidenheim (4th, 1 point behind 2nd & 3rd)

    According to WhoScored, Tim Kleindienst has managed the second highest ratings in Bunds2 this season with an average match rating of 7.57.

    He's picked up 7 goals and 5 assists in 13 games.

    0_1577927739332_Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 01.15.05.png

    (Side note... love how WhoScored say he has no weaknesses but list "Commits fouls often" as part of his game ha. )

    Heidenheim, have arguably the best fixtures anyone could wish for. Their next game is Stuttgart, who are 1 point above them... but then after that, they play the bottom of the league and then 10 games against the bottom end of the table. Their last 2 games in the season are against the team in 1st and 2nd place right now... so it could be a close finish.

    My bet, is that 10 games from now, Heidenheim, will be looking like strong candidates for promotion and as such, some of their stronger looking players will be of interest to traders... Long term... who knows, maybe they get promoted, maybe Tim Kleindienst gets a transfer... or maybe nothing good ever happens but other saps like me buy him so he rises tons and I make bank!

    For the sake of wild comparisons... James Maddison has an average WhoScored of 7.53 with a similar number of goals, assists and man of the matches, albeit obviously in a much stronger league.

    Maybe there were better ways to spend £96 but I got a nice round 400 futures and that sounds better to me than 69 McTominays. Who would you have spent the £96 on?

  • @Dan-The-Man

    Helps if you get the name right 😉

  • @Burial said in Punt Money - Tim Kleindier:


    Helps if you get the name right 😉


    Well... at least I was upfront about not knowing who the hell he is ha.

    Imagine if I'd tried to make out like I was a big fan, following him for months on end ha. I've since fixed it.

  • Interesting...i'm on the sub/replacement striker for Heidenheim. Old Dot or David Otto on loan from Hoffenheim.

    Now there are at least two people watching Bundesliga zwei.

  • @Ellisandro

    My other Bunds2 player is Lee Jae-Sung.... That's worked out ok so far, so I figure, why not try another.

  • @Dan-The-Man Here's the boy we need IPO'ed...

    Etienne Amenyido

    Fwd for Osnabrook.

  • @Pagey74

    Nicely done Pagey, did you keep hold?

  • @Dan-The-Man Yes. I still own 700 shares in him. I was confident in him as Freiburg offered him a new 3 year contract when he was out with a terrible injury and only had a few months left on his existing contract. They obviously rated him and I think he's a good prospect especially if FC Heidenheim get promoted.

  • @Pagey74

    Fingers crossed my man. If I'm lucky enough to pick up some more dividends, they will probably go into him for the foreseeable future.

  • @Dan-The-Man this was the next player I was gonna do a big research post on! I hadn't bought in yet other than a tracker but you've forced my hand so I've grabbed another 999 just now 👍

    Probs wont bother with the big research post now since you've put him on the radar but I will start with updates on Heidenheims promotion push in the 'tier 2' thread I created

  • @MickTurbo

    Nice one Mick, it'll be interesting to see how they get on against Struttgart after the winter break. A win there could be a game change for them, especially with their fixture list looking so appealing.

  • @Dan-The-Man yeh mate it's a very similar punt to others I've mentioned recently. Really big upside 👍

  • @Dan-The-Man nice one sticking on noble, well played.

  • @Dan-The-Man congrats on the successful punt......assuming that none were ipds then by my reckoning that would mean 1200 nobles? Props to you for going big on an unfashionable player 👍

  • @Vespasian32 said in Punt Money - Tim Kleindienst (24p):

    @Dan-The-Man nice one sticking on noble, well played.

    @Ddr said in Punt Money - Tim Kleindienst (24p):

    @Dan-The-Man congrats on the successful punt......assuming that none were ipds then by my reckoning that would mean 1200 nobles? Props to you for going big on an unfashionable player 👍

    Cheers chaps, here's hoping Nobles desperation to not lose his spot under Moyes, drives him to make these type of performances every week. (wishful thinking ha). Seriously though, West Ham have underperformed so badly this season under Pellegrini that there might be some real bargains in there should Moyes have the OGS effect. Felipe got his first goal of the season in that match too, I'm sure there'll be others worth having a look at.

  • @Dan-The-Man two things I considered doing in the summer when i first joined and didn't cos wasnt confident about the platform

    1 go hard on brentford attacking players as i knew they were a decent attacking team and felt they would push for promotion this season

    2 look for penalty taking captains. Captains tend to be that bit older and more likely to put in regularly high performances

    How I wish I'd trusted my instinct now

  • @Ddr

    Yeah but it's great that you've recognised an area you can build on.

    I made similar mistakes last year, where I'd identify players for all the right reasons but then not fully trusted my instincts, so I'd either not buy them or sell them too quickly and in some cases take loses that would have turned in to decent wins, with a little patience.

    Just don't let yourself be sat looking back on this post 6 months from now saying "See... I even wrote about it and I still didn't do it". We've all been that guy and it sucks. I was that guy with Banega a couple of weeks ago...

  • @Dan-The-Man is he not on loan

  • @MUFC said in Punt Money - Tim Kleindienst (24p):

    @Dan-The-Man is he not on loan

    Kleindienst? No mate made permanent last year

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