Stop panicking

  • If everyone panics, the market will drop.
    Then more panic.
    Then a crash and then everyone loses.

    Chill out. Everything is fine.

  • This post is deleted!

  • The way in which the OPTA dividend has been communicated over the past few months is shocking and has caused this market volatility.

    However, the overall effect might not be as bad as initially thought. The top players should still win OPTA more often and if someone like Messi/Neymar has a great game I doubt anyone in the squad will beat them anyway.

    Not surprised the defenders have fallen as they don't have exceptional games (stats-wise) as often as a striker or midfielder might, and the squad does include some decent defenders. Again though, many of the best defenders are in the 1st team and not all teams play on the same day, so they should still pick up some dividends.

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