Why is Harry Kane not picking up any MB?

  • I don't own him and I'm not complaining because I own messi and neymar but it seems strange he's not been right up there since sunday (when he won). Is it a myth that he's rubbish for MB? Or is there truth to it?

  • He has a good record for MB overall. I think it's just that the outcome of the injury, while relatively positive for him and his holders long term, is the worst result in terms of current MB - serious enough to put him out of the England squad and the minds of people and the media for the international break, but not serious enough to start will he/won't he discussion regarding the World Cup. If Spurs had gone through there'd now be talk about whether he might be fit for the QF or SF if they made it, but after the Juve result there's not even that to generate buzz. I still think he will return plenty of MB dividends between now and June though.

  • He tends to win media buzz loads when he bangs in a hat trick for spurs. He doesn't get stupid haircuts or do impressions of Stephen hawking so when he's out injured he's not in the papers.

    He's a well behaved lad which is great if you're a spurs fan but not if you have him on FI.

  • Yeah, Kane has a good MB and PB record, but is not on the same FI level as Neymar and Messi. No shame in that.

    He's still a reasonable option at circa £9, particularly given his age. I have a few shares in him and intend to hold them for the full 2 years and 364 days, if possible.

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