Dan Axel Zagadou

  • Just logged in to see Dan Axel Zagadou or DAZ flying to the 'Top of the Risers'!

    Can't find any news on him though as to why...

    Anyone know anything?!

    (Yes i am a holder - so delighted about the increase... just unsure as to whether to hold or sell)

  • People buying him because of his name? I mean come on, he sounds like one cool cat.

  • @Bernie-Madoff - Well that was enough for me to get involved!!!

  • "Zagaaaaaadou do do...push up front and score a goal...." - hope he makes it, just for the fan chant possibilities!

  • Love the guy, but I'm not buying in. Laporte, Zouma, Varane and Umtiti all in front of him for France in future and I'm not sure he'll budge them out the way.

  • @CleanShirtTrader - Completely agree mate, just not sure what sentiment is driving the 17p increase...
    Some logic would be nice!

  • He's increased cos he played for Dortmund last night (I think) simple as that really. Same as JK Augustin for Leipzig. Priced low cos they have no potential income. As soon as they play 2 games In a row people take notice.

  • most likely gone up due to twitter. Logic is why would you buy him when Dortmund went out Europe last night if I held him I’d of sold and counted my blessings!! And reinvested in someone who can win divs x 3

  • @Chicken-Badge I think i need to start thinking like a newbie half of whats going on really don't make much sense at all lately.

  • @SMacFI said in Dan Axel Zagadou:

    @Chicken-Badge I think i need to start thinking like a newbie half of whats going on really don't make much sense at all lately.

    Check out Abdou Diallo
    Seen just shy of 300 shares sold in him on the feed I checked him out and no fluctuation or ryme or reason to this just aload of sandwich spread in mr coles pocket :-) the little line shows too that after the 300 was sold he dropped a additional 1p and some other geezer bought 100 back 😰 I’ve heard of hoovering up but that’s crazy maybe it’s people from B Faso like the player flying there flag on FI

  • I bought abdou diallo a while back. Don't hold him now cos I got impatient but he was linked to arsenal in january, he plays almoat every game for Mainz and is the captain of the France under 21 team. Perfect combo if you ask me and all for just 50 ish pence. Why wouldn't you want a few of them in your portfolio?

    Same with zagadou. He's a France under 21 international, he's started playing the odd game for one of the biggest clubs in Europe. So what If they went out of the Europa league. It's about spotting opportunities. People are so obsessed about buzz wins on here. Everyone blowing loads of cash on players still in Europe and most probably won't even win any buzz but if zagadou starts playing week in week out for Dortmund he could rise from 60p or whatever to £1.50 if he's any good.

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