Rues not picked for International friendlies!

  • So Germany haven't picked Reus and Gotze for the international friendlies coming up, Reus has already gone down a lot since I bought him and this seems like a sign that he won't be picked for the WC squad, opinions on whether I should sell now and cut my losses?

  • @Shane-Rolo sorry pal I don't want to be disrespectful but why can't people make their own decisions? Reus is class, I'd bet anything he'll be in he world cup squad. He has experience and has been playing well recently. It seems like everyone needs reassurance on here all of a sudden. Buy someone and believe in your own football knowledge. If you know ANYTHING about football you should be fine. Be patient. Just because he might fall 2p or 20p it doesn't mean it's a failure. Not everyone is neymar or kane or Messi. Wait a little while and in most cases IF the player is decent they will rise again. I have sympathy because most people have gone from accumulators on a satday to this and don't understand that it's a marathon not a sprint. You don't have to sell cos you're 2p down.

  • I've gotta disagree I think IF reus doesn't make the world cup squad then his price is just going to drop between now and the summer. Especially now they're out of the Europa too. I'd sell n reinvest elsewhere or it'll be dead money. Only chance u have of making profit on him in the next few months is if he gets a transfer, which is a possibility but who knows how long it takes.

  • FRom what I've read it sounds like he isn't being risked for the squad as coming back from injury but will be in the WC squad if fit. If you've kept until now I wouldn't panic sell yet, a few good games and he'll be back up

  • he's hardly played for the german national team over the last few years, so it's difficult to see him suddenly becoming a mainstay now. if you like him maybe just sell a few and keep a few

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