Port dropping?

  • @Liljoeyfritzl Think you need to check facts before posting rubbish. TAA was under Β£4 3 months ago.

  • @Liljoeyfritzl said in Port dropping?:

    @RU99 think what you want pal. The world's best player (Messi) has been dropping consistently for 2 months, I'd take that as a sign what's to come. Never heard the saying shit rolls downhill

    To be fair, there are logical explanations for Messi's drop in my opinion. I agree he is still the best player in the world, and whilst he has individually been great as usual, Barca have seemed a bit 'meh' this season; wouldn't surprise me if people are not confident of their ability to go deep in the CL. Furthermore, he is Argentinian in a Euro's year, so everyone knows once they get eliminated from the CL his price will probably plummet more.

    And to top it all off, this is a platform - which whether you agree with the logic or not - heavily favours younger players, and young he is not. There are always circulating rumours of him going back to Argentina to retire. In fact there are articles today saying he has contacted Neymar telling him when he is leaving. Whether that is true or not who knows, but traders are of course going to react to such stories because it's a genuine possibility that he retires / leaves soon.

  • @Liljoeyfritzl I’m not too alarmed in a 1p drop in sancho over 7 days. So have you liquidated your port? Before the mass exodus?

  • @Liljoeyfritzl πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ give ya head a wobble, Sancho has dropped 15-20p from Β£8 in last week or so yet climbed 80p in a month πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Messi's drop is completely different to all others and has been mentioned why below

  • @Shippers a wiser man than me once said the first stage of loss is denial. Judging by people on here that is correct.

  • @Liljoeyfritzl yes but I told you that its irrelevant when discussing football index..................

  • @Liljoeyfritzl said in Port dropping?:

    @RU99 think what you want pal. The world's best player (Messi) has been dropping consistently for 2 months, I'd take that as a sign what's to come. Never heard the saying shit rolls downhill

    You're fishing because you are bored/pathetic, or have another darker motive altogether.

    However, I will try to remember to bring this back up in 30 days time and compare my portfolio value from now until then. I'd bet good money (infact, I already have!) it will be a good bit higher :)

  • @Liljoeyfritzl You’re off your nut, I have made a killing in TAA since the div increase

  • @Martin-M He must be the New Year forum troll 🀣

  • I hope we don't see mass hysteria about dropping ports. We're post-bonus and in January where everyone is skint and naturally withdrawing money to cover the Xmas break and the long month.

    Lots of people probably overstretched themselves in the hope we'd see a Try January boom like last year, which also benefitted from the share split announcement - and now they're selling some shares off as the portfolio is taking a downturn and there's no evidence of a market boom as some predicted...

    It's FI, stuff goes in cycles, we'll see more green soon πŸ‘

  • @MJC said in Port dropping?:

    @Martin-M He must be the New Year forum troll 🀣

    The fact he's named after famous Rapist Josef Fritzl suggests he doesn't come in peace.

  • The year is only 7 days old and we already have a serious contender for β€œBell end of 2020”.

  • @Dalien-Smith give fritzl some credit, he was hardly just a run of the mill rapist

  • @Liljoeyfritzl nice! I suggest you jog on fella and go play with the kiddies on Twitter.

  • Let's try and get this thread back on track...

    Some portfolios are dropping and the footy was down yesterday. This isn't a surprise and was to be expected.

    Two of the 5 PB leagues are still on a winter break and the EPL has a mini break and non PB cup games imminent.

    There has been a targeted deposit bonus which recently ended and there is always a withdrawal of some funds, bonuses etc afterwards.

    It is January. People are skint and over extended and have bills to pay.

    This is a virtual stock market, prices rise and fall. Continuous rises are unsustainable, unrealistic and to be honest suspicious. Markets need to breath and moderate falls are healthy and normal.

    At the start of the winter break I held only 5 EPL players out of a portfolio of 37. I was expecting a 10 to 20% fall in portfolio value, this hasn't happened and I am still up, mostly due to dividends countering small falls.

    2020 is going to be an amazing year for most of us, be patient and don't panic. The forum is usually a very helpful place if you are still struggling.

  • What a bunch of negative twats.
    Don’t get why people are so negative about FI currently but they still find the time to give them money and post on their forum chat.

  • @Liljoeyfritzl I guess saying weird shit like this makes your inferior life seem worth while?

  • @Liljoeyfritzl your completely mad πŸ˜‚

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