Recent price increase...

  • Hey Guys

    Anyone know where this recent injection of funds has come from? Messi up 41p and Greizmann and Neymar also up a lot....



  • I think someone messing with spreadsheets son down 20p one day back up 20p the next. Really! I did panic sell and regret it now down to 100 my reasons I got rid was a playing in form of his life dropping like that for no reason means he could of dropped futher so I’ve limited my holdings has it wasn’t realistic such a mess sell off due to 1 old newspaper artical saying what everyone known already. Someone like Messi going up 40p is 40k when sites pretty quiet too... just before Black Friday shares went down then up too... some pretty weird patterns if you ask me

  • Really, you have no idea? Are you living in a bubble its all that everyone is talking about at the moment.

  • @SMacFI if it is a Twitter announcement then I may have missed it because I rarely go on there, if it's the Sweden and Canada traders then I already know about that...

  • big meeting in manchester tonight

  • @SMacFI cheers

  • The Manchester meeting tonight should have a further natural boost to the prices. I think the investment is dependant on what is announced to the direction the injection is aimed with the potential playthrough funds

  • The trader meets have an impact because a few big hitters go, and they all get a 20% deposit bonus for attending.
    I live in the city centre, but I'm not going. It's f*cking cold out.

  • Traders trading early as there’ll be a price explosion later on tonight and this moment could be the cheapest some of the best WC players are going to be for a long time.

    I’m not far, in Worsley Manchester, so I’ll solely be popping down just to get my name checked off for the 20% bonus, annoying limited to £5000!, before going to the game.

    Just hoping the prices on a few in my top up list stay stable enough for the next few hours, as my cash is burning a hole in my pocket.

    Great time to be trading.

  • What time is the meet?

  • @78pJesus Real Worsley, or Little Hulton? Actually... if you're p*ssed off at being limited to £5k I'd say real Worsley haha.

    The 20%- what's the turnover requirement?

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