• @Sav2000 same thoughts as me then...good lad.

  • I’m a holder and can see him potentially earning over a £1 of PB and MB combined up til the Euros.

    As he turns 35 years old in 2 weeks time, does anyone think this will start putting people off? I think Ronaldo still has a few solid years left at the top of the game given he’s a freak of nature - but people are fickle on here at times.

    Can’t see him dropping below £2.50 at worst though given his capabilities for a year.

  • What ever the media over haul might entail i reckon Ronaldo is one the ones that will benefit most from it so if you plan to buy its worth it with that in mind

  • @TeamGB he’s got a contract until 2021 at juve with Euro’s in between. He will see that out and then either go to inter Milan when it’s up and running or sporting or retire but all not for another year and PB, MB and in play div earnings are too good for someone who is 50-75% cheaper than most at his level.
    Not much for people to fear yet in my eyes

  • Greatly appreciated the responses lads 👍🏼🍻

  • @gball1975 he seems to be piking up form again , ive no historical evidence to back it up but have saw it mentioned that in recent years hes been preparing his training and game time so that he actually peaks in form towards the end of the season for the CL ,not sure if true or not???

  • Ronaldo is the player which will return more dividends from now to July, if I am not mistaken he already did (2 star wins on gold days) over last 2 months. Then you can have all 16y/o players priced better than him, but Ronaldo is producing real money

  • @Sol yes. I got over a hundred quid in divs on Sunday night. Turn the day around. His spread is one Gold day win. I've a slight CA loss but the divs are getting near to covering half his price. I think last year he return 30%. With the divs increase I'm expecting more this year. He's as fit as a butchers dog, much more than Rooney 😀😀 who still commands value on the Index.

  • Zlatan is back playing in a PB league at 38!

    Ronaldo is a better player than Zlatan, fitter and of course 4 years younger. Plus he’s not had major injury after turning 30.

    As long as his massive dividends exceed his slight capital depreciation with age, he’ll continue to be a very profitable trade.

  • Well it's Sunday again, or Ronaldo day as it's now commonly known.
    257 is top score currently and only 213 for top forward.
    Napoli will be a tough game. Surely he can't do it again? 😁

  • @Dronny-Gaz I’ve rather Neymar did tonight as I hold more of him than Ronaldo 😬

  • @Sav2000 Think if Ronaldo gets an early goal then he could do it again!

  • @Sav2000 Well I don't, so don't be greedy! 😁
    However, Tony Kroos would be better for me, and it would be nice to have my confidence in him justified.

  • 213 points is definitely there for the taking. I expect Ronaldo or Neymar to win the 16p.

  • Torn to know which game to watch....
    I've got soumare. Fonte in French game.
    Ronaldo in the other...🤔

  • @Sav2000 In the bag now surely 😁

  • @Dronny-Gaz you’d think so. Over 30mins left to play and he’s not far off star player

  • @Dronny-Gaz I was at work very happy to get home to Neymar win and Kroos top mid 😎

  • Looking like a very good time to buy into Ronaldo and Dybala IMO.

    Juventus are playing all the bottom four teams in the next 6 weeks and 2 UCL games against Lyon in that time. Can only see the prices rocketing in that time if they qualify for the next round.

  • @TeamGB I did think about buying Dybala/Ronaldo, unfortunately my Messi’s haven’t sold from the sell queue and I’ve no idea how close to the front I am. Pretty sure I’ve been in the queue for close to 3 weeks and still no bite

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