Forwards below £4

  • Hi All, where do you think the best value for a forward lies at sub £4??????

  • Personally I think for potential regular buzz wins your best options are Ciro Immobile. He scores shit loads for Lazio and I reckon Batshuayi is worth more than he currently is, seems to score plenty for Dortmund and will eirher return to chelsea for some games for get a permanenr teansfer to dortmund or elsewhere. Only problem is if they don't score a couple goals they don't get massive scores.

    I own Icardi cos I think he'll get a big transfer In the next year or so and I've said many times on here I think Insigne is massively under priced for the buzz scores he gets. He was as high as £3.60 last year. If he starts scoring the odd game winning goal he will easily win plenty of best forward buzz wins.

  • You think that the lack of World Cup action for immobile might be a big factor in his price?

  • @NewUser90780 possibly yes and I think if Lazio drop out of the EL his price may drop a bit but he's a guaranteed regular goalscorer. It depends what you are looking for because he will get buzz wins going forward I'm sure.

    If you are looking for an increase in price I personally would buy Icardi or Insigne because I think by next season they will be a lot higher but this is entirely my opinion which is why I hold them and by no means me trying to push up their value.

  • Can't help but feel Lewandowski is still good value below £4. Bayern with a good draw in the CL, he'll be Poland's main man in the WC, and sounds like there's a move to Real Madrid on the cards at the end of the season. Plenty of opportunities to pick up buzz wins.

    I'm still fairly new to FI so don't know if there are other factors I'm missing, but his price relative to some other big name players seems like decent value to me.

  • Agree on lewandoski - he has a lot of positives. I guess main thing against him long term is age - 30? But I'd still invest now and get out before next season

    You could also look at cheaper forwards for growth - those with WC and potential transfer to PB leagues - Lozano e.g. (Yes I own some but because I think he's a good buy)

  • Werner still looks good value too - could have a big WC and EL

  • I've had a few Falcao for a while, I thought he would have returned from injury earlier than he did. Hoping for a world cup boost for him at some point, still seems cheap at £1.28.

  • Andre Silva expected to be CF for the Euro 16 champions plus has been linked to prem teams. Seems incredibly cheap at just over £1 so picked up some today.

    Not really got the profile (and plays alongside ronaldo) to get caught up in the recent rises but still - one of the top scorers in qualifying as well.

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