Advice on money back offer upto £500 to knew customers

  • Hi, I'm in the 7th day of my first deposit and with the events of yesterday I'm £60 down and wanted advice on wether to take up the free risk upto £500 offer or stick it out? The offer runs out tomorrow so now is the time to act.

    Has anyone else used this offer that can let me know how it went?


  • Call them up get your £60 back and start over. I've been on index for a few months now and got stung badly by last nights news. Currently sitting on losses of ~20%.

  • I'm down around 20% from last night's crash - but still up 45% on net deposit since I joined back in 2015.

    If you can start over - do it.

  • @pitch_side I've emailed them saying I wish to cancel and they have replied saying they will be in touch. Just hope they refund me.

    It's a shame, I was really enjoying the index before it went tits up, I was floating a couple of quid in the red now I'm -12% down. They have shot themselves in the foot no don't a lot of people will move on after this.

  • @Sagenode Sounds like a plan just hope they don't try and wriggle out of paying up.

    You must have been really smashing it since before last night then? When did you start trading if you don't mind me asking?

  • Ah 2015 ha didn't see that

  • @lanceindex i would stay invested and would buy more players. Market is in recovery process and prices are still low. So its a good time to buy now. And there is a hugh upside potential. World up is coming, Performence Buzz, Pennystocks, lots of advertisment and so on.... Buy deep sell high!!!

  • @lanceindex the time proved me right! As I wrote: recovery will happen and it happened. I hope you stayed invested! Always remember: buy low sell high :-) i think we are far from the ceiling of player prices and prices are still very low. I stay invested it doesnt matter what happens, because I m convinced that at least 500.000 users will use this plattform in 3,4 years. Its a gamechanger.

  • @NewUser38991 is there any way of finding out how many are now?

  • @LukeRiley, no. But Facebook likes and Twitter followers are normally a good indicator for that.. So i estimate that now only about 10.000-20000 are using FI. That will grow i m 100% sure....

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