Something exciting coming this afternoon!

  • Gedson Fernandes for a quick win. Fabrizio Romano who is by far my most trusted twitter source for transfers saying his move to Spurs to be done very soon.

    Also saying Begovic fav to join AC Milan as replacement for Pepe Reina... Begovic is 21p!!!

  • @DaveKN07 begovic wouldnt be included in the transfer move dividend payout as theres no way he'll be £1 plus when the transfer goes through

  • Frustrating as I'd done all my Transfer buys at the start of January😰

  • @FINorth said in Something exciting coming this afternoon!:

    Frustrating as I'd done all my Transfer buys at the start of January😰

    Yes, it is a tad annoying they didn't have this sorted before the window opened, or indeed the risk free offer (last year, Tryanuary was up before the 1st).

  • @Ddr I really need to start reading things properly

  • @Ericali said in Something exciting coming this afternoon!:

    @Allams-Out said in Something exciting coming this afternoon!:

    Was about to smash into the cheapo market until I saw £1 minimum value

    Seems fair. 👍

    Otherwise you would just buy free agents at 30p etc & cash in massively


  • Call me cynical buy it's just another mechanism designed to force lots of selling (earning FI commission) to be able to do lots of buying (earning FI money) and then lots more selling once the promo period ends.

    Let's not be under any illusion here, there is only one winner in all this. Football Index.

    This will be yet another "bonus" I decide to abstain from.

  • @DaveKN07 Yeh but its not a quick win is it because his price is way inflated over 5p valuation. So you're effectively buying at a lost and will likely have to instant sell with a huge spread. Not convinced this is a good offer unless you can really uncover a gem.

  • @DaveKN07 lol no worries, I'd say it's good to know other forum users have our backs when we miss something like that

    Hopefully karma will come round and help me when I miss a term on a promotion

  • Surely there will be such a mass sell off once the players transfer is confirmed that it just won’t be worth it.

    Not like buying shares in say a striker who has just scored a hat trick (for the goals dividend) where there is a sell off but also some that don’t sell in the hope that the striker will go on to score more goals.

    With this - once the transfer is completed, there’s no reason to keep the player as they won’t be getting another transfer for a long time. So the sell off will be massive surely!

    As others have said - only FI win with this one

  • terrible offer if buying players you dont want to keep, fastest finger in, fastest finger out and no doubt fi will fuck everyone over with spreads lol

  • It's a promotion for the sharks (FI and smart traders) to burn the suckers chasing 10p, it's going to get interesting when the giant spreads probably appear on every transfer linked player around £1. I'd advise all newer traders to not get involved on those players.

  • Just looks like a 10% bonus with caveats to me. I doubt if I'll be buying because of it. Could easy end up getting burnt I think, but I don't really know. Can see a few of my players taking a nosedive also... Let's hope I have one that rockets.

  • Alonso going back with conte to inter, he’s only a few pence off a pound at the min. And I think he wouldn’t dip after the transfer and he proved the other week that he has a great base PB score. Perhaps better with conte’s formation

  • This is realllllly tapping into the "gambling" element of FI and I really don't like it.
    I hope not too many people lose out chasing rumours 😐

  • I’ll just be using it to sell players in my port when they peak, not got the time to time getting off in time.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Weedster very different to a 10% bonus no?

  • @Keegans-Bluff well it will create loads of market activity, of which FI will also benefit. Do you see players tanking once bonus has been paid?

  • I think it's a good promotion. 👍

    People don't have to change strategies it's just a welcome bonus when people transfer.

    Some people just love a good moan! 😎

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