Luka Jovic- why is he only 54p

  • 5 goals in 4 starts, if his shot today off the post had gone in and Mainz had of scored to give him GWG he would have had well over 200+ points, for a young striker his base line is awesome. Like i keep saying to people, people are paying £1+ £1.50+ for young talent out with the top 5 leagues, and this kid is already in the top 5 doing the business now and only 54p, that is crazy value.

    Also a quick google search of his name will throw up some impressive reading as well.

  • Yup looks great 👍

  • Probably because he’s back up to Haller and Rebic and rarely gets 90 mins. Should Haller get a big move then he could shine.

  • Haller 65p, Rebic 52p both in front of him. Maybe worth a punt, but don’t see much of a climb unless he’s linked with a big transfer.

  • @78pJesus Lol, yes I know he's back up but my point being that price for someone with that talent, is a ridiculous bargain, compared to what people are paying for young talent out with the top 5, with only a small handful of them players ever likely to making it to the top 5 then they have to work there way up from the bottom after a move as "back up" this guy is already a few steps ahead of them players.

  • I see your point if you’re referring to the ridiculous values accredited to the ‘teen sensations’ who are yet to break through as first team regulars (Chong, Gomes, Woodburn, Diaz and even Foden etc) but if I owned Jovic and he reached 65p I’d be off loading that future ballon d’or winner 😉 quicker than I could type his name into a search engine.

  • @78pJesus Haller started on the bench today, so was fit, so maybe he's not as far behind as you think, Jovic outplayed Rebic massively today, having 7 of Frankfurt 15 shots, Rebic then got subbed off.

  • @78pJesus Saucer of milk sir? meow ;)

  • @SMacFI I’d expect more than a saucer of milk from the profits you’re creaming off Jovic mate 😉 keep pumping for that 65p

  • @78pJesus as with every shout I do on here I present the facts for all to see and people can make up there own mind. What was the last shout you did on here, or are you just one of them guys that just takes and brings nothing to the table other than hating?

  • @SMacFI

    You're definitely a taker and I feel sorry for all the mugs who follow your lame tips and don't realise you're only pushing them for a quick flip!

  • I stil hold everyone I bought. So go and troll someone else

  • @ocs123 back up with facts please name and shane one shout i have given thats been poor, everyone is in the green from the time i posted, other than Giovane Simone, which i held my hand up to being a bad one. (But its nit like he dropped much just stsyed the same price) 1 out of about 6 on here so far i dint think you can say I dont know what am talking about, lets see if you do, or are just sour graps, heres your chance to shine, present the forum with your facts of my shouts being lame?????

  • @SMacFI saucer of milk son, meow! 🙀

  • Mate your're an idiot, all mouth and not one bit of fact. Even your come backs are dog toffee i wouldnt mind so much if they were at least a bit funny, it be good banter if nithing else.

  • Well well well, that's me getting close to 100% profit on him since I called it a few months back, and he's no where near finished yet. The guy is class

  • @SMacFI let's hope you and 78pjesus don't come across each other at the Birmingham Meet, otherwise you might end up in the

  • @AndyP32 maybe we should take a couple of bottles of milk with us in case they do!!!!!!! ;-)

  • @dannypea lol....i'll get the saucers !!

  • I think the Milks on Steve and the beers on Adam at the meet especially with ALL THAT JOVIC profit.:-D.... come on lads friendly place here and when I moan everyone’s quick go say about the ideas to make profit. Steve qualified his reasoning and Jesus moaned about he would flip faster than I don’t know what if he got to 65p he’s now 91p I don’t suppose Jesus will be man enough to admit Steve was right (on a trading basis this time???) has for the newspapers I’ve my tickets where do I place my bets?? :-D I’ve been to a meet seems pretty safe to me :-D

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