Now I don’t usually pump, but....

  • We need to talk about Rabbi. Rabbi Matondo. I think the stars might be aligning for this kid. Here’s a couple of reasons why:

    • I’m sure you know him, but if not, he’s 19, former Man City youth product and playing at Schalke.
    • He started the last two games prior to the Christmas break and scored in a preparation friendly last week.
    • He is categorised as a forward and is super quick and a decent finisher.
    • Last week he appeared in the Bundersliga wonder kids to light up 2020 article.
    • He is £1.23, and has a game tomorrow (one of only 2 eligible for PB).
    • He has been in the Welsh squad so could make the Euros.
    • When he scored a league goal in October ( yes 1 goal) he went up 70p! and topped and was over £1.50.

    It’s risk free Jan, so not a lot of downside.

  • @NewUser412886 said in Now I don’t usually pump, but....:

    When he scored a league goal in October ( yes 1 goal) he went up 70p! and topped and was over £1.50.

    Hope this wasn't when you purchased him! That's some nasty drop he has had since..

  • @NewUser412886 Does look like he is on the way back up though, so may not be a bad buy currently..

  • @Ole-ole No, I never jump on a riser, so to speak. I’m at £1.16 and topped up at £1.17.

  • I like the look of this kid as well 👍🏻

  • @NewUser412886 I didn't realise he was still only 19! He does look a good prospect for the Welsh team, they've a few decent players coming through

  • I love the guy, but he’s still raw with little goal contributions so far, nice to see Wagner entrust him for the big games though, if there was dividents for pressing he’d be £10.

    In terms of the Euros I think he’ll probably go, it’s between him and Tom Lawrence (Giggs loves him) off the top of my head. He’ll only have the odd 20 mins at the end if he does play in the Euros tho.

    Worth noting he came off the bench in pre season too (the game he got his goal came on 80’ min).

    Hope he does bits tho.

  • Linked to Man U today (yes I know every man and his dog is), if he even gets a sniff of a goal this weekend he is going to 🚀

  • Cant believe journalists are paid to write this shit! They must be all in on some conspiracy.

    Lets jump on board any random player and then just link Man Utd to him. They must all makes tons of cash from FI.

    I don't think there's been a player in the world that hasn't been linked with them in the last couple of months.

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