Building portfolio and divedend payout?

  • What is a good strategy for building a portfolio, world class players or upcoming talent? And out of interest, what is the biggest divedend payout you have had, with who and how many shares?

  • @NewUser123670 - There are a lot of strategies used by the FI members - but i think most people would recommend a balance.

    The top 10 'world class' players normally give the best dividend returns (which is why they cost the most).

    With that - I use an 80/20 investment mentality to hold some upcoming talent who i think will make the biggest gains when stamping their mark on world football.

    Some people will of course be all about the divis, with others all about the developing players.

    Personally - not a huge divi payout - 50 shares on a double divi day. Pretty happy with that though!

  • @NewUser123670 mine is today mo salah 205 shares x 0.12 pb, 0.06 star, 0.05 mb £47.15

  • @Noirx4 nice return. Unfortunately I only have 24 salahs. Seems that only people with a lot of money do FI, I'd love to put more in, just can't afford it.

  • Salah today will be the largest possible dividend payout of 23p per share. Obviously the more shares you have the better this is.

    You will find loads of different strategies but most people use a mixture of different approaches.

    Personally I like to have a few MB magnets (Players like Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Kane, Pogba, Salah).

    Some PB players (Neymar, Salah, Otamendi, Koulibaly, Parejo, Fekir, Dybala, Banega and so many more I could name but using whoscored and the scoring criteria will enable you to 'do the work' to find out more)

    And probably the most fun is having a few rising Stars or players that are waiting a move to a PB qualifying league (so many in this category I'm not going to write any!)

    Obviously some cross overs in players like Neymar but this is why he costs so much.

    I don't actually own all the players I have mentioned as some don't fall into my criteria for buying but just giving examples.

  • @NewUser123670 there are loads of people on here with a lot less than 24 Salah! It is all proportionate and not worth worrying about how much other are making, Every time I am a little disappointed with a player stealing my dividends I just look at interest rates from the bank. I might not be making £1000 a month but i'm making more than the other places I could be keeping my money!

  • @Ozzlebert absolutely agree with this. You need to set yourself a % return on investment target that's realistic. I set myself 1% a month in dividends any growth is a bonus. The last couple of months I've been in the 2-3% dividends returns which has been great

  • @Ozzlebert very true when you put it like that. It's stopped me throwing money down the drain on betting on the actual outcome of games. So all in all better for me.

  • You don't have to invest a fortune to win the odd big dividend payout.

    My biggest to date was thanks to a player a lot won't have heard of...... Bruno Fernandes @ Sporting Lisbon.

    I bought 400 @ 53p a share & he won top mid & star player on a triple PB day (UEFA Cup) which paid £72.

    Incidentally I used all the money to buy my first Salah shares, whose won 23p a share today.

    However...... unless you own the top few, Neymar, Messi etc....... then dividends won't be a regular income, just a nice little bonus on top of any capital growth.

  • I've put the majority of my focus on the 'big hitters' to ensure a constant stream of dividends.
    I then reinvest that into medium-small hitters aiming for growth.

    Everyone has their own strategies. The most important is that you find the most rewarding- that could be profit, or it could be just fun.

    FYI I'm here for the cheddar.

  • I hold 50 x the MB magnets (Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard, Salah, Rashford) and the rest is in players that I expect to do well in club European knock outs and WC. Generally speaking dividend return is the basis of a futures value (although this does not account for trader sentimentality or speculation on future developments) and so dividends lead to capital growth - seems a sensible approach to me so one I've gone with. I'm determined to not make any trades for a week and see how my portfolio does, although I will react if I need to close a trade. I'm finally in a place where I am withdrawing dividends as a means of profit taking and its taken a lot of time and mistakes to get to this point.

    My Mum has a portfolio too - £500 and she holds 5 futures in the above media magnets (plus Kane) and she is very happy with her returns (14% in 5 weeks) small portfolios can still earn solid growth from the top players, but a lot of people aren't patient enough, or still in a betting mindset. 1% a month as quoted by @niorx is a bloody good return in anyone's book, and very achievable.

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