Issa Diop

  • Young defender from Toulouse priced at 78p. Lots of good stuff about him on google being linked with an array of European giants (reports from back in February). What sparked my curiosity is because he’s a great player to buy on my Pro Evolution Master League - wondered if people knew much about him?

    Hasn’t made the French squad yet even though they’re looking at youngsters which is a surprise, but a defender touted at between 20-30m for Arsenal/Spurs/Barca/Liverpool...that worth a long term investment at 78p? If he moves/plays at one of those clubs over next couple of years, what price would he go up to - £1.20?

  • The talent pool with French CB's is as deep as the snow in my Garden! They seam to have so many they could fill the whole of the premier league.

    Varrane, Laporte, Diallo, Zagadou, Upamecamo, Mukiele, Diop and I'm sure there are others.

    I'm sure there is value in a few of them but with defenders it's not just if they get a transfer but what style of play the team they go to has be right for them to win any PB and MB for defenders is highly unlikely.

    One to keep an eye on.

  • @Ozzlebert I assume if he makes his way to one of those clubs then his price will naturally rise? You make a good point about how many young French CBs there are - maybe the national team isn’t necessarily a defining factor in how much they’ll progress.

    Like you say, one to keep an eye on.

    He’s class on Master League by the way, about 3 seasons in if anyone cares :)

  • @Golfing-Grandad Probably will rise, if he went to Napoli and Started paying he'd be worth £1.50 at least, if he goes to Stoke then he be worth nothing as he'd never win dividends, its really hard to judge with defenders in my opinion.

    The point about football games is great, they have such powerful scouting tools that in most cases the players that are in the game as future superstars usually do rise to the top. I started a FIFA manger career last year with all players under 70 rated that had huge potential and now I'm seeing more and more of them coming through in real life.

  • @Ozzlebert great way to get some free scouting really. Always going to be the odd few that fails to live up to the computer game potential, but many do turn out great. The keeper at Toulouse as well turns into a superstar.

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