Luka Jovic

  • I bought in at £1.89 last week as he looked to have bottomed out.

    Now flying off the back of some (sketchy) Twitter links to Man United on loan.

    What do we think of this one?

  • Sketchy like you said.

  • I dont think its likely but it could sweeten a summer pogba deal.

    There arent many strikers available though and ole did say they were looking at the loan market.

  • Think he could well move on loan but I've heard more about move to Spurs than Man Utd. Think he'd do well as not had much game time this year and will be wanting to show Real that he can lead line next season.

  • Clearly, somebody with Spurs/Madrid connections is just throwing out horsehit stories to generate publicity.

    What next? Harry Winks to Madrid, or perhaps Modric back to Spurs ... hmmm, yeah, that sounds plausible, let's go with that!? 😏

    If Benzema gets injured, without Jovic they would have no recognized striker. I don't include Mariano Diaz in the conversation as Zidane clearly has no time for the lad.

    Why would Madrid put themselves in that position? Jovic appears to finally be finding his feet at the club.

    Of the 874 transfer rumours we will likely hear this window, only about 20 of them will go through.

    I'll put this particular rumour in the 'not a fuckin chance' category. 🤣

  • I’m starting to wonder how many big accounts have a footballindex account.
    This rumour is from nothing and only one account reporting it.
    Makes you wonder.

  • @Tom77 Yea hence why I started this thread - I bought in as a long-term hold as I expect his game-time to increase in this half of the season.

    Seemed like a very big reaction to a single tweet with no source or even a journalists name attached.

    There has been a sizeable sell-off now - same with Bale.

  • Can't see it myself. Jovic to Manchester United.

    But as I fan, I would certainly endorse it.

  • It allowed me to get out of a hold at a small profit, he was one I was looking to ship out for awhile now

  • Newcastle look set to join the race thing hotting up for luka jovic could a nice run of divs come the transfer window as he’s certainly in the price range clubs could still afford , posted here instead of spamming a new post , what you guys think are you still holding

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