• @ChazFI123 i did it for the same reasons a while ago but ive never took much time to observe whose worth following and who isnt i just add anyone who seems trustworthy via the podcasts. I mainly use for CS and getting announcements

    I actually detest most of it though it tends to be either one extreme or another between boasting and negativity imo neither come across good for FI but it is what it is

  • I tend to just go on and put #footballindex in the search bar and click "latest" and you get hundreds of tweets from the past few hours.

  • @ScouseSte said in Twitter:

    I tend to just go on and put #footballindex in the search bar and click "latest" and you get hundreds of tweets from the past few hours.

    Same. I sometimes contribute to threads from my normal account but never post player tips or pumps. It all gets personal very quickly and I’m not very good at dealing with that. I do enjoy following the hashtag and seeing what/who people are talking about though.

  • Useful to actually find the official stuff from FI rather than second hand on here.
    Also for some journalists and analysis stuff I find interesting. Can recommend Zach Lowy, knows his stuff around most of European leagues.

  • @Neil2265 is he still doing his “wonderkid” feature every week for FI? I believe the first one got slated for “pumping”, not sure if he’s kept it up since then.

  • I recommend sticking a pineapple up your hoop. It's just as informative and as pleasant an experience as reading some fuckstains view on Neymar.

    Let's face it the average twitter user has the IQ of a substitute P.E teacher.

  • @Coleyscrooge yeah think there's been a few more but not a regular thing I think.
    Apart from that (not a big fan of individual articles) I think his Twitter stuff is really interesting.

  • I’ve been considering this also as I’m not on any social media atm.
    I quit FB couple years ago and have never been on Twitter. It seems that Twitter is the fastest way to receive updates on football news. Anytime I think I’m quick to hear a football rumor player x has already risen by minimum 10p, gets frustrating after awhile

  • @ChazFI123

    I hate twitter. It's just full of the absolute worst of humanity and it's so easy to create bots these days that you could be talking to nobody half the time.

  • @Gregolocky

    You've got to figure that there are people closer to the situation who are getting in on the action.

    Agents, etc.

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