So did anyone else go to Manchester?

  • I braved the weather after umming and arring whether to bother and have to say it was a good night really.

    Bit disappointing with the world cup announcements but had a chat with Adam and to summarise he said that there was potential to expand into Germany and the Netherlands. He also said the android app is still about 2 months away.

    I asked where he got the idea for FI and he said it was originally designed as a 'celebrity index' but they couldn't get the sign off for this so he changed it to football index. Thank God for that eh. Imagine buying shit like Joey Essex and Katie Price instead of neymar and Messi.

    I got the impression Adam isn't really that into football himself, he announced Gary Pallister as a local lad (he's from Middlesborough) and midfield legend to which his PR guy corrected him. Thought Gary spoke very well although I wasn't overly interested.

    Anyway, all in all I enjoyed the free Peronis and many plates of finger food and would highly recommend attending in future even if just for the 20% bonus on offer. Talking to some of the other guys and sharing tactics etc made for an interesting evening.

    Adam says they are doing a roadshow around the country so could be coming to a nice hotel near you soon!

  • @Stevo - Thanks for the update Stevo - was hoping someone would provide some insights.

    Expansion into Germany and Netherlands would be a significant development! Did he talk conceptually or more that it was being worked on?

    As for the 20% bonus to all attendees, can you give us some background to that offer? As in, is it within 24hrs of the trader meet... Or on first deposit after the meet etc.

    As for the free Peronis... well there's a reason to brave the cold!!

  • Was thinking about it as relatively local but in the end didn't fancy it.

    Suspected that any news would filter through immediately so don't think you would miss anything from not going. Did Pallister say anything Index relevant ? The announcement of him as guest sounded like filler.

  • @Jay-Frazz no problem mate. I don't think it's in the immediate pipeline to expand further at the moment but he said there was potential with about 10 countries that they could quite easily get round the gambling regulations etc. He said countries like Spain and Italy are further options but they would probably have their own index rather than join ours because they won't accept using our media articles etc.

    With the bonus you just deposit up to £1000 and then contact customer services to say you've deposited and they credit an extra 20%. They just said within the next few days after the event so don't think it's unlimited time wise. They do record who has attended as well when you get there.

    Think I had about 6 Peroni's. They just put them on the bar to help yourself and kept topping them up so well worth the visit.

  • @Stevo - That sounds very promising! Understand the Italy/Spain aspect - makes sense.

    I think the bonus is a great incentive - not that it is needed - to get people to attend and invest more!

  • @mike778 I was the same mate, the weather almost put me off but wasn't doing anything else so thought is see what it was all about.

    They had a Q and A session with Pallister and he was a lot more confident speaker than I expected. Told a few amusing stories about Fergie and stuff like that but I don't think most were that bothered, just wanted to hear about any interesting FI news.

    Pallister spoke as if he used FI himself but not sure if that was just to further promote it.
    He was bigging up Adama Traore at Boro saying if He was consistent that he could be as good as Messi. Commented about his price on FI and I thought to myself that I knew that traore isn't even on the index currently so maybe he's been told to say he uses it.

  • @Jay-Frazz the one think that everyone I spoke to agreed on was that the potential for FI to grow further is huge and we all thought it was only reaching about 10-15% of it's possible customer base currently.

  • @Stevo - Maybe Pallister has headed one too many crosses clear in his career!

  • @Stevo - Completely agree - I have a reasonably extensive network of football friends, and before i joined FI - not one of them had joined, and only a couple had heard of it through various marketing channels...

    A lot of these people happily blow £20-£30 on a few footy matches over the weekend betting online - but loved the FI concept once explained - so will hopefully sign up here instead.

  • @Stevo very interesting insights!!! Thank you for that! But i have heard about a referral bonus of 250 gbp, is that true??? And are there any news on new ad campaigns???

  • @Stevo said in So did anyone else go to Manchester?:

    He said countries like Spain and Italy are further options but they would probably have their own index rather than join ours because they won't accept using our media articles etc.

    Something I've always wondered- why not include big foreign papers like Marca in Spain, and the same in Ge, Fr, It etc

    Would add a new dimension, and make media buzz more accessible to all countries, meaning expansion would be a lot more wide-reaching.

  • @NewUser38991 there was another bonus of £250 for new player referrals but the person you refer had to deposit a least £1000 in their first deposit.

  • @CleanShirtTrader yeah I've thought that as well. I guess there must be something blocking the ability to do this as it seems a but of a no brainer.

  • @Stevo IMO i think many people here wouldn't like it, as it would because less predictable.
    I heart MB, and it's been very good to me, but if it allows exponential growth into new territories then I'm open to it changing.

  • @CleanShirtTrader yeah it might be complicated but I think as I say all these options make the potential for the platform to grow absolutely huge.

    Think Adam will be ok to splash out on a few more Peroni's for us guys for a good while yet.

  • Thanks for the insights steve

    very helpful

  • @Stevo was also announcet when and where the next trader meet up will be ?

  • @NewUser38991 afraid not, Adam just said they were planning on a doing a roadshow round the country. My bet would be either Bristol or Edinburgh next but sounds like it could be a regular thing for a while to keep drumming up business.

  • @Stevo not trying to split hairs on your comments but Adama Traore is on the Index mate. £1.04 (it doesn't state Boro as his team though - although I'm not sure who he's registered to if I'm honest).

    As a player I remember him tearing through our midfield 1 or 2 seasons ago like it wasn't there, followed up by zero end product.

    After Pally's comments the other night I watched a couple more recent YouTube video's, he's improved quite a bit but still seemed a bit headless and lost possession a few times where he shouldn't (although his speed helped regain it every now and then).

    I agree with many that the "stage" content wasn't what we actually went for. Pally was quite funny and seemed very down to earth but I think we'd rather have popped questions to FI.

    Unless I missed it there was no announcement as such with regards to the WC PB announcements, I didn't know there had been one until I got home! It was probably filtered around the room but should really have been stated on stage (all I heard was 100K available not what PB payments had been allocated).

    I managed to speak to Adam for a while on a variety of subjects and found him to be very approachable and a very decent chap.

  • @Agatello I wasn't aware you were in attendance or else I would have come over and said hello. Shame because you are of obviously an FI forum legend of course. Did see a few I though I recognised but then when I spoke to them they were someone different!

    Isn't the Adama Traore on the index a different one? It says he plays for Monaco on here. I know prior to the Ipo's the Boro traore was on the index but he got relegated I think. I do think traore is decent but bit overly enthusiastic to compare him to Messi I reckon and admittedly Pallister did say he was massively inconsistent.

    I totally agree on your comments that Pallister was a decent speaker though, just not what I believe most people attended for. He was more of a filler. Also agree that Adam came across very well and was very approachable. Happy and open to answering questions and very good of him to get the beers in.

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