Ole is still at the wheel 🚜

  • Some lad called Paul Pogba

  • Tough one. I would say no. I tried this with Watford and accepted a few quid loss.

    I also think the board would be sh!t scared of sacking Ole right now when the majority of the fan base hate Ed and the Glazers with a burning passion.

    However, if it did happen and someone was to jump, possibly Lingard. Pereira has taken his place it seems but has been terrible himself. Might mean Lingard comes back in as a starter.

    Pogba could even jump as the media will all be about Pogba and the new manager etc

  • I'm not sure that many players would have a rise, it's not like Ole has frozen any particular players out. The squad is just so bad, last night he literally only had one decision to make and that was whether to start Mason or Pereira, and I don't think if he'd have done the opposite they'd have won. The squad is just that bad, but if Ole is forced to go before the structure of the club is addressed that won't sit too well with me, no manager will succeed in the current set up IMO

  • Sceptical about this and my hunch is it's just an attempt to send out reassurances to potential signings that a managerial change isn't on the horizon. May be wrong and I hope I am - Ole needs more time/ signings/ commitment from the players.

  • They will keep ole for now as he's just the puppet! Similar to fat Frank at chelsea. See how they go, its a no brainer for the board to do it. Utd is a 3 year rebuild minimum along with 300/400million. It's bollox how far they've let it go backwards in the last 10 years.

  • Some very good points/opinions here πŸ‘πŸ».

    So yeeeeeeah I think I'll leave this one alone πŸ˜¬πŸ˜†

  • @ScouseSte I don't think they will sack Ole anytime soon, maybe an unpopular opinion here, but I don't think things are half as bad as the media are making out. despite the constant put downs in the media, they are still only a few points off top 4, with a lot of games to play, still in Europe, still in the FA cup and the Other one against City. Maybe wishful thinking and hope on my part here, but another couple of signings/departures, get Rashford fit and a few decent results, I don't think they will be far off come April..

  • Something that has wound me up is all these people saying Ole should resign and call out the Glazers/Woodward, it’s basically fans who don’t want to admit they want their manager to be sacked and want to try keep the moral high ground πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Ole isn't the problem. I mean, granted he is a shit manager with zero pedigree who has been flung into arguably the biggest job in the world because he scored in a Champions League final one time so the fans got giddy over him.

    The problem is the squad...no one should be surprised they lost to Burnley...it was two average sides playing against eachother. It was a coin toss of a match. United don't have that fear factor anymore, every team that plays them will fancy their chances, in years gone by the opposition were beat even before the whistle went.

    And the squad is shit because recruitment over the last 5 years or whatever has been horrendous. I mean seriously...look at the team! This is one of the biggest clubs in the world and let's look at what they have become...

    Wan Bissaka - A decent season and a half with a relegation battling premier League side.

    Dan James - 30 games in the championship with Swansea who were mid table and are actually doing better without him.

    Maguire - a Leicester player who people over hyped because he had a good world cup.

    Fred - Came from Shakhtar Donetsk. How many players play there and go on to be superstars? He was there for 5 years! United stumped up 50mil for a player who had basically played for the Celtic of Ukraine.

    Pereira - Started 6 games last season and 12 games for Valencia the season before. So over the last 2 years he starts a game every 6 weeks or so and suddenly he's a starting United player.

    Let be honest, they are lucky to be as high in the table as they are

  • Bruno is the difference between Utd finishing in the champions league places or Europa places imo. He's the 1st stepping stone for better players to join in the summer who will only come for champions league football! Wish they would just get it done. I don't hold. Just a Utd fan getting bored at the lack of creativity in the final third!

  • @BradD Agree to a certain extent, but not so much with those players.

    James was a good signing imo. One for the future certainly and not at his best right now, but big potential and has shown quality so far.

    Fred. United's best player this season. Not glamorous I know, and yes, he's got an incredible PB base but never wins. I know the frustration, but a good player and deserves a lot more respect doing the hard work. Stats show he's quality, just not very pleasing on the eye. Doesn't matter where he played previously, judge him for the here and now? Also good for United's global fan base and brand.

    Maguire. Quality player just needs to settle. Nothing wrong with Leicester by the way. Could do with better delivery from set pieces for a few goals?

    Wan Bissaka. Again stats show he's having a decent season. United needed young full backs. Expect him to come good next season.

    Pereira. Hmm... jury is still out on him. Sometimes think he has everything needed to become a real player then let's me down. Hoping he comes good, but unconvinced and tend to agree with you somewhat.

    I'd be looking more at players like Jesse Lingard who they didn't sign. Never looks like he cares let along has sufficient talent. No idea what his contract is and when it ends but the board need to ask themselves some questions here.

    Juan Mata. A talented player just isn't working for him. Something in the style if play or culture of the club maybe?

    Same with Martial.

    Pogba. Trouble maker. On and off the pitch. Need two midfielders to come in (Bruno and Paredes/Vecino/Verratti style player) and then offload him? I say this as I'm holding him so don't think it will happen but think it would be beneficial for the club.

  • @ScouseSte 🎼 tell me how good does it feel?!!🎼 πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  • Not for much longer by the look of it


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