The Matt O'Riley Out Of Contract In The Summer Post

  • He's 19. Looks decent when he gets an opportunity. Latest is he's in discussions with Genk apparently over a move there. Easy to see a bigger club muscling in on this. Being young and English the next week might be interesting....

  • He's also one that is tipped on Football Manager 20 to be a wonderkid so could have a big upside at current price

  • Interesting indeed, as I guess most of the money in him is hoping for him to be in the PL next season either with Fulham or someone else.
    Signing a contract with the mighty Genk will see him plummet.

  • @Ringers said in [The Matt O'Riley Out Of

    Signing a contract with the mighty Genk will see him plummet.

    Not a massive plummet I wouldn't have said. If Genk qualify for Europe...

  • I think there will be other PL clubs looking at him too - probably some German clubs trying to continue to pick up young English talent.

    Either way the media will be good for his short term price and playing time will be good for his mid term price - all signs look good imo

  • Has he still not signed a new contract? Looking at him but a bit weary to jump in at this time as he hasn't got a sale price but cud be big profit if I get a bid accepted and he goes up with Fulham or goes to a prem team

  • @R2d2 Can't see myself instant selling just yet. 19 year old English player at 60 odd pence. In the next couple of weeks we should start to see some rumours as his contract comes to an end. If he goes to Mansfield Town though your welcome to him.😂 No I thiñk he's better than that. If he wasn't that good he'd be rotting in the reserves. As it is he's regular feature on the bench. Heard so màny rumours of where he's going. He could literally end up anywhere. But in these covid days free agents are valuable commodities with most clubs not able to spend big.

  • @Dalian-Smith yeah I'm gunna put a checky bid in to start with then if he is in and around the first team, hopefully Fulham go up or he goes to a prem team Shud be an good return for a English 19 year old

  • Official word today from Fulham that Matt O'Riley is leaving despite them offering him a first team 4 year contract. Clearly they wanted him to stay. Where he'll end up next is anyone's guess but in Covid times a free agent could have a fair choice of clubs as no transfer fee required.

  • @Dalian-Smyth I managed to get 300 of him for 26p but already sold for a average of 40p
    I would be interested if I can get him for under 30p again but unlikely
    Cud easy be a pound player with the right transfer
    Has he been linked to United yet?

  • @R2d2 The speculation starts now I guess. Only 2 weeks to go til his contract is up. Could be a decent short term punt if he can pick up some decent transfer gossip. No big teams in the mix I would have thought but if he managed to get in a pb league you'd be happy.

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