Roberto Firmino

  • Or the curious case of Roberto Firmino!
    1.96£ today. Is there an historical reason that drove his price down? Was that Salah and Mane were better than him in the old matrix?

    It can’t be age, he is 28. Players with similar age and international rank like Mané, Griezmann and Mahrez have a value which is 30% to 70% higher than him. I would expect him to be around 2.5£ at least with Liverpool progressing in CL.

  • At first glance, no euros will keep his price down. Also doesn't seem to post massively big scores which is needed to be a threat for PB, whereas Mahrez can. Griezmann will be France's main man at the Euro's. Not sure why Mane is more expensive, maybe more media coverage?

  • Besides the game-winning goal last night, Bobby was on the periphery.
    And if you watch, that's often the case - he's not like a Messi type player, constantly on the ball.

    He does brilliant little flicks or passes that can change a game, but he does give the ball away a lot with these ambitious moves (costing points on the matrix). Like Mane, he will often tackle back but Mane does lots of probing runs too, quite successful most of the time (scoring points).

    Firmino is massively important to Liverpool but as an FI investment, I'd say there are much better options out there. He's not overpriced though, he's a fair punt (as last night proved)

  • False 9's don't really demand high prices due to matrix scoring (risky passes as others have stated). I'd say his price is about right.

  • the way he plays in the 4-3-3 system just means he doesn't score highly in PB he generally needs a GWG to get the highest score out of the 3 of them, I think thats all there is too it to be honest.

  • I was trying to find value amongst Liverpool attackers but I couldn't see much reason to invest in any of the current front 3 - poor PB averages (considering Liverpool are such an attacking & dominant team), Non-EU & unlikely transfer speculation being primary factors in their low ceiling values.

    Salah has surprisingly been dropping for 12 months now and i'd still say he is very over-priced.

  • @NewUser455434

    You definitely have a point.

    The most important thing to realise is that Bobby plays for a team that wins every fucking game.

    Therefore, he has a better chance than most forwards on the opposition of winning PB.

    The further Liverpool go in European competition, there is an increased chance that he could win PB on a gold day. 🤑

    He will remain an integral part of that Liverpool team for the next 2 years minimum. He will start most games. He scores, assists and is always a game winning goal away from competing for Forward PB.

    If we are speaking about value for money, I can see few others at his level.

    Or, perhaps you would rather spend £4.56 on Greenwood. Who doesn't play regularly for Man Utd and won't have European football next season!? 🤔 Just saying ... 🤣

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