Billy Gilmour

  • It’s a pump, it’s an opinion, it’s an observation, it’s a talking point. Whatever the ForumPolice want it to be....

    What a player, in the mould of former Spanish footballers fabregas, Xavi & iniesta it’s clear this boy has Spanish idols on his wall. Every time he plays for my beloved Chelsea he’s awesome.

    •Passing between the lines
    •ordering senior players around
    •Tenacious off the ball
    •Moves like Phil Foden with the ball
    •Great movement

    In my opinion he offers more to the Chelsea team that mason mount.

    Would like to know if others feel my ambition for this boy?

  • @AML-Trading I feel the same way. I can’t wait for this boy to flourish at this club. He comes from humble beginnings and a humble background.

    On the football front, he is adaptable and can play as a deep lying or advanced playmaker in midfield.

    I think Mount has more goals in him. If given the chance and managed well, he can flourish. I personally don’t think he’ll outgrow Mount. Both players are very raw but Mount has done the rounds and acquired experience at Vitesse and Derby. This was a good grounding start for him.

    I think Gilmour should be sent out on loan for regular game time. Lampard will ultimately buy in the summer so Gilmour’s game time will be significantly reduced.

    Great talent though.

  • Yeah billy wanted a loan in summer but frank said no I believe in you, fight for your place. But I think eventually he will go on loan to develop more but he has such quality. Imagine him on loan at the right team

  • @AML-Trading yes I know. He’d flourish out on loan. He needs to push for the loan move because the summer will see transfer activity and first team chances severely limited.

  • My only concern would be his size. In the modern game to be as small as him you need to be exceptional. He may well be but the jury very much out for me. In the current batch of Chelsea youngsters Reece James is the one I feel most likely to go on to be a genuine top 4 player and I believe eventually world class.

  • Booooom!! Happy Gilmour 🤣🤣🤣 knew he was a player

  • Now gonna top mb

  • @Spot-the-value. How big was fabergas.. first game against man utd at 16 and tiny

  • @Doddy said in Billy Gilmour:

    @Spot-the-value. How big was fabergas.. first game against man utd at 16 and tiny

    Was at the game tonight as I am all Chelsea games and he was fantastic ! Let’s hope he can be a rare gem of a small player making it in a modern game full of larger more physical players .
    Have had one or two at Chelsea like Pa Nevin and Dennis wise who have achieved that .
    Couldn’t fault his work rate tackling passing attitude or ability one bit .
    Love him to prove me wrong and become a special small player . Long way to go but a great performance . Onwards and upwards .

  • @Spot-the-value. 👍👍

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