Mohamed Salah...

  • Let me start with the disclaimer of: "I'm not bitter but..."

    How far is Salah going to go?! I chose to go big on Pogba and Neymar - and live with that decision... But Salah has surpassed any of my returns significantly in 24hrs!!

    Anyone fancy guessing (sorry, predicting) how far he will go pre-World Cup?! £8?? £9?? Surely not £10!?!?!

  • 9.23 pre
    10.74 during

  • @pwp24 - that's very precise! ;)

    Are you a long term holder, or newly in on the recent increase?

    So from your prediction, you are saying it is still a good time to jump on board at £7+?

  • Based on a precise algo called instinctive guesswork!

    My average price is 5.45

    I'm tempted to keep buying - he's got the lot now & should get loads of mb through the group stages

  • @pwp24 Firstly I don't hold Salah but I freely admit I wish I did and I do think he will continue to grow. Just wanted to make a point about the WC where you mentioned him for MB. Perhaps you meant PB, in which case I'd agree with you because Egypt are in what looks like a very(!) weak group.
    But in terms of group stage MB: Egypt's first game is the same day as Spain v Portugal, their second game is the day after England's first group game and their third is the day after England-Panama, so he'll have an awful lot of MB competition. Not trying to put a downer on you, as I say there's loads of profit in him yet, but there's a general point there that you can use the fixtures to already pretty much predict who does/doesn't have a good chance of picking up the MB on basically each day of the group stage!

  • egypt must have a chance of getting out of the group, which would be interesting. it's a shame he's up against Ronaldo for the first mb

  • The way he's playing he can easily hit up to the top 3 in my opinion. His PB scores are superb and is on the form of his life. If he keeps his PB's north of 200 consecutively then he'll keep rising. Basic maths.

  • Can't see his rise stopping yet, I held off on buying a couple of weeks back thinking I may get a better price definitely regretting that decision really missed the boat.

  • I already have him but have topped up my futures in him this morning. Especially with triple media and the form he’s in. Can’t see it stopping yet (and hope not)

  • @Golfing-Grandad You think there's still value in him? I just can't decide? but then if I don't go for it and he keeps rising I'll be kicking myself again lol

  • I bit the bullet this morning as I can't see any reason he won't keep winning dividends during triple media at the very least, and no reason his price should stop rising while he's winning dividends ... of course the tricky bit will be predicting when the drop will come - but that's the Index!

  • @Mpope81 think of it this way... Who's more likely to win PB out of Salah, Messi, Kane and Neymar. And of the 4 of them who's more likely to win MB. Right now he's up there with them. So I say he's in the same price range as them... And it will reflect so soon.

  • @John-Renwick That is very true and I've said myself I can't see him stopping any time soon

  • the real trick is finding the next Salah

  • @Mpope81 Basically if Mourinho wants rid of them they'll probably be a very profitable long-term hold! Maybe that's the real reason for the Luke Shaw price rise ...

  • Haha. Rashford and Martial will be the next Messi and Ronaldo then

  • Will he reach £8 today???

  • @Mpope81 Well he is flying up before the 2pm deadline!!
    Wonder how much of a cash injection that is?

  • @Mpope81 yeah I think there’s great value in him still. He’s climbed this morning up to the 2pm deadline so I don’t see why not. He may plateau off tomorrow if he’s not going to win the triple media tomorrow, but if he’s in with a shout again then can only see it rising. 15p a share is a hefty payout so people will want that sort of action. I know I do!

  • @Golfing-Grandad
    Triple media doesn't mean that one player results in 15p.

    The triple is in reference to how many players can win it;
    1st = 8p
    2nd = 5p
    3rd = 2p

    So today Salah, Messi and Ronaldo will all result in media dividends winnings :)

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