Vote for (Joao) Pedro!

  • Morning all,

    Nothing to see here other than a lovely pump of a player I own. Joao Pedro has been pretty great for Cagliari this season and is current sitting 5th in the top scorers chart in Serie A with 13 in 20.

    Cagliari currently battling for a europe spot. While he's unlikely to get a Brazil call up at 27, I think he represents great value at 66p.

    The other top scorers are:
    Immobile £2.23
    Ronaldo £3.04
    Lukaku £2.10
    Illicic £1.79
    Joao Pedro
    Luis Muriel 84p
    Martinez £2.84
    Berardi £2.06

    According to transfermarket, he has played every minute of every game.

    I think both he and Luis Muriel represent great value at the moment(although Muriel is getting less minutes, he's getting goals)

  • He looks good but his pb and mb scores are crap. I was tempted but wasn't sure how much value there was there apart from getting lucky with ipds.

  • @Tom7471 That's exactly the issue with Joao Pedro. All the others on that list (except Martinez) have won dividends this season:
    Immobile 16p
    Ronaldo 68p
    Lukaku 18p
    Ilicic 40p
    Joao Pedro nothing
    Muriel 7p
    Martinez nothing
    Berardi 16p

    There's almost certainly value still in him as an IPD hold given how many he's scored, but his PB isn't good and it doesn't help he's listed as a midfielder.

  • Has the best g&a record for a player under 30 and £1 this season. Averaging a goal or assist every 135 mins which is very impressive. Just seen him mentioned on twitter and I think he's very much under valued and I'm in @65p. Good age (27) and if he keeps this record going then bigger clubs will come in for him.

  • Bought a few on Saturday for IPD's as Cagliari had 5 games in the 30 days - but then their game was one of the ones postponed yesterday which buggered that up! Fingers crossed for some G & A's in the other 4.

  • He is a good IPD player, but his style does not fit the FI matrix. Cannot see Cagliari playing in Europe next season either. How can they beat two out of three teams: Roma, Napoli and Milan to take the 6th spot in Seria?

  • @Victory I'm hoping a bigger club comes in for him which his agent has alluded too even though he's contracted to Cagliari until 2023. If he carries on scoring at this rate then surely a move isn't out of the question.

  • @Pagey74 Seems reasonable to me. If he moves to a bigger club he can be £1+ player.

  • I just can understand his price! Another 2 goals today which makes him the 4th top goal score in Seria A with 16 goals in 26 games. Pound for pound he's the best IPD performer this season sub £1.

  • @Pagey74
    I agree, he's a quality goalscorer. The issue is his PB and that he plays for a mid-table team. Despite his 2 goals today, Cagliari still lost and his PB score was 107. The fact he is listed as a midfielder doesn't help either.

  • @Vaughany I'm looking at the bigger picture. Can see a bigger club coming in for him in the summer given his form this season. I agree listed a mid doesn't help. Regarding his PB I could name a lot of players who are valued a lot higher than him who never threaten a big PB score and don't come near his G&A record.

  • @Pagey74
    I don't disagree with any of that. I think you are well ahead of the curve. Too far in fact, that's why his price isn't where you expect it to be. Traders at the moment are focussing on players who are likely to be involved in the latter stages of EL/CL and who will be going to the Euros (he's doing neither). You might have to wait until the summer until traders start picking him up.

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