Enjoy the FI Rollercoaster!!

  • Unbelievable scenes at the Bernabeu tonight as Real beat Girona 6-3!!

    Ronaldo bounced around the top striker position, challenging Icardi's 4 goal haul from this afternoon, and with the new visibility of scoring, giving Ronaldo GWG before taking it away again...

    Only to get it back and then as he grabs his 4th of the night in injury time, moves to top player!

    Only on FI can you get this excitement!!!

    Enjoy it Ronaldo Holders!!

  • @Jay-Frazz
    As someone who bought a bunch of Icardi early on and watched nervously all day hoping for him to hold on, it was certainly a rollercoaster - always thought at the back of my mind messi or ronaldo would do something like that bah...

  • @NewUser108933 - I have equal holding of both Icardi and Ronaldo, so for me it was more about whether Ronaldo had enough in the tank to take top player.

    Good to see Icardi still 30p above his pre-match price though :)

  • Ive got a load of Icardi's! Ronalds a twat! :-)

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