Is Football Index an unhealthy obsession?

  • I have been trading on Football Index since March 2018 and I recently cashed out around August 2019 with around a 366% ROI which was incredible

    I deposit every so often now to make a quick profit when I see one, mainly on IPO’s and transfers which has served me well, probably double my money doing this every so often.

    The issue today with Jude has left me questioned is Football Index unhealthy?

    When I was trading I had slack notifications, team news, several twitter accounts notified & god knows how many other notifications, I was averaging around 400+ a day to keep on top of my portfolio and maximise profits and avoid any drops I could have potentially missed without these. To add to this Football Index regular changes rules, we had G&A added, a change in the PB matrix, severe deposit bonus and now we have transfer payouts.

    Having a full time job, girlfriend, social life etc I found it so hard to balance all this with Football Index, the stress levels while I had a portfolio was crazy, I had my phone in my hand 24/7 ready to react.

    The platform made me a life changing amount of money and I am so grateful I found the product when I did and to everyone trading I wish you all the best of luck!

    When I sold my portfolio in August I realised just how addicted to this platform I actually was. I could go out with my friends and not check my phone, I could watch a film without my phone in the corner of my eye, I could go to a restaurant without my phone on the table. It felt nice, I felt good. This could be just my personality which I will admit is quite addictive. Today I have seen people booking days off work for Jude, re arranging life styles to fit the 4 hour window in their schedule. This is so unhealthy.

    What are people’s thoughts, just how unhealthy is Football Index?

  • @User2000000 said in Is Football Index an unhealthy obsession?:

    The life you described, was my life, running 2 businesses. The feeling of always having your phone in your hand, checking on things every 2 minutes of the day (and night), not being able to hold a conversation without prioritising the companies.

    I guess the answer comes down to how much money you stand to gain. If you were doing this with £50 in the platform... then sure, the 300% is nice but you've basically become obsessed with a video game.

    If on the other hand, you had 50k in and that 366% has helped you pay your mortgage off... well, it sounds like time well spent.

    My question is... at 366%, with "life changing sums of money" why the hell would you walk away? Sounds like you were on course to make it big.

  • Unhealthy no!! Obsession yes!!

    I have 2 monitors at work, 1 of them is permanently on FI watching the ticker.

    I do my fiancee's head in with the app when ever I randomly look at it.

    Unhealthy no!! Obsession yes!!

  • @User2000000 said in Is Football Index an unhealthy obsession?:

    The platform made me a life changing amount of money and I am so grateful I found the product when I did and to everyone trading I wish you all the best of luck!

    "life changing amount of money" tends to need putting the hours in, so seems a reasonable trade off. lots of people addicted to their phones/internet do it for free 🙂 and thanks, good luck to you too.

  • @Dan-The-Man I reached my goal, I set myself a target for a house move which I achieved so I took the money, it was my exit plan, it’s crucial you have one otherwise what’s the point? You need to enjoy the money you have earned.

  • Addiction to anything is unhealthy. You need to be balanced. You are in a good place at the moment with your life. You can get back on now that you've learnt the lesson of balance and putting more important things in your life, first.

  • @gball1975 how is what you just described not unhealthy?

  • Banned

    if its making you money keep on doing it i sure the misses wont moan about a new ferrari & countless holidays =D as long as you dont waste the money by putting 1 milion quid on titus bramble moving to barcelona i would stick with it

  • @User2000000 Eerrmmm because it isnt effecting my health 🤔.

  • @User2000000 to add to this, I know how to play the IPO game which is still stressful with a smaller timeframe, it fits my lifestyle better rather than having a port.

  • @User2000000 said in Is Football Index an unhealthy obsession?:

    @Dan-The-Man I reached my goal, I set myself a target for a house move which I achieved so I took the money, it was my exit plan, it’s crucial you have one otherwise what’s the point? You need to enjoy the money you have earned.

    Congrats on the house thing. That's pretty cool.

    I'm not a fan of the exit strategy idea. Imagine what this platform looks like 20 years from now... People in 20 years will be wishing they could have got in when we are in, so I'm sticking it out.

    I'd sooner withdraw a little treat money once in a blue moon and let my money grow. For example last year, I withdrew 33% of my original stake but my port has doubled in value. This year I'm looking to withdraw the same amount of money, but hopefully improve my growth percentage now that I'm a year smarter.

  • @Londoner totally agree with this

  • You my friend have missed the point.

    You say you wanted life changing money but with your target earned have you now gone back to the daily grind of work. All income earned on scale is achieved through in the main hard work and this index provides the potential in spots to do this much easier.
    Your idiotic point about people willing to take 4 hours off work being a case in point to track the IPO’S .
    4 hours of work in a well paid profession post tax would net someone at the top end say €150.
    Now if you have a large stake to play with and conservatively look to flip an ipo position in 24 hours you can easily achieve a far higher tax free return for your 4 hrs . With you freed up time post FI I would suggest a mathematic and economic course .

  • @User2000000 I think it depends on what you're doing football index for. If, like myself, you have a bit of cash spare each month and are using this to have fun. Why would I need an exit strategy? Guess it's your perspective on investing.

  • I'm the opposite, because my football knowledge is so crap I find it hard to do much other than watch the odd prem game!

  • @BMCG I know the returns within the 4 hours would be much greater than most jobs and I totally understand why people did that, it mathematically makes sense if you are quick enough on the IPO. This was just a small point which got me thinking, the main points is the general lifestyle FI gives you

  • @Dan-The-Man I am a firm believer that this platform will grow and you will make a considerable amount if that is your outlook, good luck to you sir

  • For me it’s healthy even though I spend more time on it than anything else online. It’s curbed my gambling, gambling that unfortunately I was bad at! This has kept me away from traditional bookmakers and saved me a lot a lot of money.

  • @User2000000

    I've not even played with IPO's yet, so I'd love to hear what your experiences have taught you about that.

    I do get what you're saying about the unhealthy thing though... must have checked my port 100 times already today. That's not what normal people do ha but I just see it as the being diligent.

  • Its a far more healthier an obsession than traditional gambling.

    God knows how much money I lost on accumulators and horse racing when I first turned 18. Ever since I joined the index back in Nov 2018 I’ve pretty much stopped putting normal bets on with the exception of an occasional scorecast before toon games and a single win bet on some of the bigger races. Even if I had just broke even on the index in the last year, I would have made money compared to if I hadn’t joined. Simply because of how much I would have lost on the traditional betting that I’ve practically stopped using.

    Undoubtably I’m spending a bit too much time on index related topics but I’d rather be spending too much time on my phone: then spending/wasting my money on bets everyday.

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