Wijnaldum pricing??

  • Can anyone tell why Wijnaldum is under 60p (champions league potential and Liverpool buzz) while his Dutch counterparts Fosu-Mensah and Ake are 72p and 86p?

  • Not going to be in top 200 anytime soon so media irrelevant. What are his PB scores like ? Doesnt seem the kind of player who would be much good at PB.

  • Where’s the best place to check performance, I assumed being at a big club, still in the champions league and upcoming England friendly would be worth something. Lots of cheap Dutch players around, thinking once World Cup fever has gone they’ll be more valuable.

  • @NewUser128770 it's all about performance buzz and media buzz. Does the player big up big scores in these and so have a chance of earning dividends. If yes then he is worth a lot. If no worth less. Wijnaldum is pretty awful for pb and will never win mb hence his current value

  • Thanks I get it more now @Noirx4
    Where can I get performance buzz history?

  • @NewUser128770

    Currently 4 ways.

    1. Start capturing it yourself by writing it down
    2. My £1 per month data service which has all pb scores over 100 points back to november
    3. Football index edge (free) past 2 weeks data (£7 per month) all data
    4. Footy index scout free which just gives you a list of pb winners.

    One slight caution with the winners from scout is they include everything since day 1. And pre november there were far fewer players on the index and it was much easier to win PB. Where possible only use data post november maybe even December.

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