How is Hamsik only 83p?

  • Napoli challenging for the league, Hamsik has played a big part of it, so I'm struggling to understand why he's so low compared to other players in the same league.

    Have I missed something? I'm tempted to grab £50 for that price

  • His PB scores are low, he rarely completes 90 mins, not a spring chicken, no WC and no chances of a transfer, you may well invest those £50 elsewhere as he won’t rise much in here I don’t think

  • Fair enough, thought he looked good for the price.

  • @NewUser108904 All part of getting to know the index! :) Football knowledge is very useful, but doesn't always transfer across directly unfortunately.

  • @NewUser108904 rule 1 of the index best football players are not necessarily best football index players

  • I've been burnt so many times on Hamsik, his performances always flatter to deceive, although he pops up with the odd goal his PB scores are never great, mainly due to the fact that he usually gets subbed after about 70 minutes, he's one player who I will never go near again!

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