Good to be Back!

  • This running the country and sorting Brexit malarkey while finding time to talk to you guys isn't as easy as it sounds, hence besides my Jesse Lingard nonsense in another thread this is my first proper post in a month or more (In reality, I've been locked out of the forum for ages and the guys on instant chat haven't been able to sort it until now - anyone else had this problem?).

    I have still been following the forum closely while I was unable to log in (a great read as always) and I wanted to share my observations on a couple of the hottest recent topics.

    (1) Firstly, all these promotions including Super Match Days and Transfer Divs. FI have been getting quite a bit of criticism thrown their way. Personally, I don't mind them trying new things once in a while (once in a while being key here - I think there have been too many in a short space of time and I don't think they should have multiple promotions at the same time). Some they will get right and some they will get wrong. If they are getting more right than wrong and crucially learning from the ones they get wrong, then it will be good for the growth of the platform.

    Some of us are very quick to judge and I, like many others I suspect, was not overly impressed with IPDs when they were first introduced but I have grown to like them more over time. Sometimes we need to give these things more time before coming to firm conclusions.

    Note to Adam Cole - Often the most successful ideas are extremely simple (Can this be said of Super Match Days?)

    (2) Secondly, Henderson vs Neymar!! Dan the Man has pretty much staked his entire reputation on his argument in that thread and taken so much stick for it, especially at the beginning. Even a lot of those who thought he was talking crap at the beginning are being forced to start eating their words. I suspect a few of you may even have joined Dan in investing in Henderson! (And it's looking like you are probably going to make good CA and even some dividends out of it too.) It looks like Dan was vindicated all along. Moral to the story, it's okay to have different views and it's okay to be controversial and even challenge conventional wisdom (as long as you are not just being a troll).

    Just my thoughts anyway πŸ‘

  • @Boris999 had exactly the same issue, just read your post and bingo back in again πŸ‘

  • Same here chaps, couldn't log in to forum for a good while.

  • @Boris999 what a relief it’s you, I saw the title and clicked fearing it would be andym.

  • @Ringers said in Good to be Back!:

    @Boris999 what a relief it’s you, I saw the title and clicked fearing it would be andym.

    Don't worry, we're all safe now we're out of the EU. AndyM can't return now.

  • I suspect that was the key reason behind the result

  • @Boris999 I've bought Henderson on the back of Dan's research and benefiting quite well at the moment:


  • OMG I saw this thread earlier this afternoon and thought how on earth have them guys got back on but I haven't.
    Sent yet another message to admin about the login problems but hey ho I log in on my tablet just now and I'm back on after about a month away.
    What a pulava this has been and by the looks of it many have been effected.
    Nice to be back anyways πŸ˜€

  • Finally back on. Bloody nightmare.

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