• Will he get a rise given the MB at the moment. He has suddenly flown and is currently changing the big 3 down! Just seeing Salah fly in price and I just wonder! Appreciate Pogba is not currently playing anywhere near the level of Salah, but netherless, will he earn a few quid in MB and cause a rise?
    Any thoughts welcome!

  • Wish we knew before ;)
    Pogba has hit £6 before and one reason or another is always in the media, had he released his very important to the media new haircut tomorrow he would be top or the MB and see a spike in price, he will most likely pick up some MB during this long stint, how many and now much only time will tell, I hold him and not selling no neither buying more
    Hope it helps?

  • Pogba in a late March to MB place today. He loves a Happy Neymar, will that story get him into the top three. Reckon it will.... bonkers.

    Currently on 570... 6th place.

  • @Happy-Hornet he did the same last night! He is always there or theres about! I know his PB is currently poor but think he is undervalued due to MB. Not sure

  • He’s at it again. Can he sneak number 1 spot tonight! Happy investment, for once....

  • @R9Kennard
    Happy with current ranking as I have equal shares in Pogba and Messi, both somewhat reliable in terms of consistent returns, at his current price every Pogba MB is a touch less that 1%, not a bad investment as he gets a few scattered across the year, crapat PB and playing poorly that’s true but may it long continue!

  • @R9Kennard
    I'm a big believer in Pogba's potential and I'm biding my time waiting for him to rise because his MB stats are incredible. He has won more MB than any other player since FI began;

    1. Paul Pogba - 70 Wins
    2. Alexis Sanchez - 59 Wins
    3. Wayne Rooney - 55 Wins
    4. Neymar - 55 Wins

    As soon as he starts playing some decent football again he should catch the likes of Neymar in value.

  • @James won't get anywhere near neymar. Neymars divi potential is insane

  • @Noirx4
    I have to disagree. I think he is a good run of games away from getting right up there with the big boys.
    He certainly doesn't have the PB potential of Neymar but he is similar in that they are both 'brands' and the media just can not get enough of them.

  • @James pogba is a good shout for consistent mb but in my view to break the £9 barrier you need to be very consistent in pb and mb. Salah is struggling to break £9 and he is far stronger in pb and mb than pogba atm. Just my two cents :). Wouldn't mind being wrong I have over 100 pogba 😂

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