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  • I'm relatively new to this. But from how I see it, because of the international games coming up it's all about media. Unfortunately some Italian player is never going to outweigh other news. Find it all a bit boring with just the media.

  • It takes a bit of getting used to, but it's certainly not a con. You are absolutely right that it's weighted towards the EPL and English media in terms of the media buzz, but anyone in the eligible leagues can (and there have been some random-looking ones) win the performance buzz. If you feel like you're losing out so far, I'd recommend just watching the market for a while, seeing who rises and falls and if you can work out why. Cutrone for example: getting called up for Italy friendlies is not going to get enough attention in the English papers to make him worthwhile for media buzz. Italy aren't at the World Cup so his only value in summer will be transfer rumours (which again would have to be to the Prem to gain a lot of media buzz). Milan are out of Europe so he won't have a shot at the triple dividends for Europa League quarter finals. Once you consider all of the above, it makes sense that his price wouldn't be rising at the moment.
    The market is a bit unusual right now as there's no performance buzz to play for during the international break. But CL and EL players (especially those going to the World Cup and with a possible summer transfer) will pick up in price once that passes. As I say, keep an eye on things, learn to read the market and I'm sure things will pick up for you.

  • @NewUser130394 it's good you've noticed that, these are the lessons you need to know how it's gonna react. Use this experience in the future. Any other questions then get on the forum as most people are happy to help and share advice

  • @NewUser130394 Ask yourself why would a player win dividends?

    Money follows money, if a player is unlikely to win dividends based on the facts we know (English media, no games that qualify for 2 weeks) then why would his price go up? Cutrone would fit firmly in this.

    It's not really about football, it's not about how good a player is or how much potential he has, it's about how much potential he has to win dividends.

    Look at Luke Shaw today. He was taken off at half time. Will not be going to the world cup. No games for two weeks but he has media attention so his price has risen because he can win you money.

    Great advice from @BL__FI, watch the index and understand what makes prices go up before you invest too much. I think most people when they started make the mistake of buying great football players and not the best FI players.

  • Index has seen unprecedented growth so not sure where the 'players drop more than they rise' comes from. Like others have said read everything you can about how dividends are paid out. You cant know enough. Look at which players are rising and think why . Same with drops.

    Cutrone may be a decent long term prospect index wise. But italy arent in the world cup, milan are out of europe and he is irrelevant media wise. His avenues of dividend are thin so why would anyone buy him at the moment when they can buy media players in triple media week, european cup players or world cup players. Answer is they arent hence the price drop.

  • Some brilliant advice above. It's time to forget about Fantasy Football, time to forget about football loyalties (that's tough at times) and time to forget about getting Acca type returns on a small investment.

    It's a totally new world to get used to and even when you think you've got it licked, it can still kick you in the balls.

    Don't give up, prepare to analyse n learn and you'll soon realise it's not a con but the best thing you've discovered this year :-)

  • @NewUser123670 regardless of it being PB or MB day its never boring, theres always trading opportunities every day, I made 25p a share in 2 hours this morning flipping Luke Shaw, theres transfer rumours all the time stay abreast of them and pick up value.

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