Penny Stocks Request/Conversation

  • Given how it is pretty much impossible for the average investor to purchase new futures at anything close to the 25p launch price, can FI tell us what they plan to do to avoid this scenario when introducing Penny Stocks? My fear is that anyone clever enough to have a foot up on us mere mortals by using programs to purchase could in theory hoover up massive amounts of the penny stocks and both make fortunes and stitch up the average investor - in my opinion this is a very serious flaw in the existing process and it should be addressed before launching. I dont have the solutions, but a waiting list approach is my initial thought? (happy to be shot down on that!)

  • It's a fair point and one they'll need to address. One option is a cap on the number of squad futures you can buy for the first week or so. It would (initially at least) level the playing field and give everyone a chance to line up their preferred picks at reasonable prices. This dripfeeding of squad players into the tradeable market should also help avoid a massive crash on the First Team (as there's less incentive for everyone to dump futures and pour it into penny stocks if they can only spend a few quid each day).

    So for example, if each user could only buy 200 squad futures a day for ten days, FI would minimise the advantage to people running bots on release prices, give everyone a chance to grab a bargain, and also reduce the likelihood of a crash on the Top 200.

    Can't wait to get my hands on 200 Akinfenwa!

  • @playingcards1 Sounds good. People can do their own research and buy 200 per day on any individual squad player.

  • I like the idea of a cap on the amount of shares bought. I think the starting price should be abit higher too. The days of players being seen on the market at 30p are long gone and the initial starting price of 25p when bought into the list could be raised a little higher.

    I remember buying into Marcus Alonso when he first came into the list and it said I got him for 26p per share but it actually forced me to pay 93p per share within a split second of change.

  • @Hybrid arent penny stocks going to start at 5p or something? I forget now

  • @LukeRiley No idea tbh. It's pretty poorly explained. I just hope they make an announcement so it reaches most if not all Traders about the upcoming changes because not everyone looks at twitter and the forums for updates about potential changes.

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