Eden Hazard

  • Hey Guys

    Will Hazard gain any popularity on the Index in the near future??
    Will he have a decent WC?
    Does he need to leave Chelsea to have any chance of winning PBs??
    Will he ever reach the £7 Club??

    Lets hear your thoughts...



  • @AndyP32: -
    Yes -he is starting to look 'undervalued' as those around him are rapidly increasing.
    Yes - with the team around him and a target man ahead of him, he will run riot.
    No - Chelsea just need to invest in a decent striker who will get the best out of him...
    Yes - by the 3rd June 2018

  • He will most likely qualify out of his group with Belgium (in my opinion) at the world cup too.so that should see all of the Belgium players prices rise. With him being their main man he should see a good rise.

  • Not sure he is the main man, they have a certain KDB in the team
    hazard seems like a world breaker one year and average the next and has the tendency to fell out with the manager on their second year? theoretically he should do well next season if Conte goes or he heads to Real?

  • I ended up selling my Hazard today. So so so disappointed in his performance on the index since Saturday. Total IS cost with commission was less than 5% so decided to take that cash and use it elsewhere. Theoretically he's a fantastic hold so I will likely get back on in due course, hoping to time it well!!

  • @Ermejo he's the more attacking player. More likely to score and assist than KDB purely based on his advanced position on the park in comparison. I think anyway.

  • I’d be surprised if Hazard drops too much lower than he currently is so I’ve topped up on him. He’s had a bit of a poor run of late, but the WC/Madrid transfer factor has got to get attention of a lot of people who start putting their portfolios in order for June onwards (and can see many doing that around April/May to beat the upward curve).

  • Good points but I can see why people have invested elsewhere currently when there's players cheaper than Hazard who have
    CL/EL + WC + Xfer spec
    And sometime spec on a move to the PL
    (Kroos, SMS eg. ). Kroos will be a PB beast, imagine how many passes Germany will make ha

  • Agreed on Kronos and from the same team Kimmich, a cross machine which will rack up plenty of points for a strong Germany team
    Hazard is a great player but his PB scores ain’t that great unless he scores a couple

  • Hazard will be sold to Real Madrid this summer, Trust me I have inside info😉. So potential MB is massive and with WC I am confident his PB will improve. My advise , Get on him now at his low price.

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