Emil Forsberg

  • Has dropped 22p for me last week or so. Have I missed something, or is this due to bit of time on subs bench??

  • No idea, but an article about it is here

    Basically Forsberg wife not happy that he isn't getting game time.

    Drop is probs due to the fact he's not playing regular and people taking their money and putting it elsewhere.

  • I tossed a coin the other week and went for Poulsen. I'm currently -4p on him but maybe dodged a bit of a bullet here

  • @StinkyT25 Keep an eye on his price with the Euros in mind. Has been consistently good for Sweden.

  • I looked at him when he was around £1.16 and opted against him because of lack of game time recently and the signing of Olmo.

    When I feel he has bottomed out I may well go on him. ATM though he's contending with maybe 3 other players who have dropped recently for my investment

  • @AMF911 agreed got on him prepping port for euros anyway so sticking with original reason for investing.

  • Thinking Forsberg might be a good investment right now, way off his peak and both him and his agent have made it pretty clear he’ll be moving on from RBL in the summer.

    I don’t hold but he’s been on my watch list for a while, seriously tempted! All it takes is one link to a prem team.

  • @Hound

    Relative small-fry newbie here. I snapped up Forsberg and Poulsen (Only 35 shares each) about a week ago.

    One of the first pieces of advice re: FI I heard was “Buy a player for two reasons”. So aside from being young (Well not too old!) players at PB league clubs in European competition whose prices have dropped... the Euros seem like a sensible thing to look towards.

  • @PaulM Yep agreed, Forsberg for me ticks a lot of boxes so I’m talking myself into buying, good PB too when he plays.

    Got to disagree on Poulsen though for the simple reason I hold 1000 Schick and he’s taken his place in the team, I’d quite like that to continue 😂

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