Salah in the £10 Club?

  • Hey Guys

    Will Salah reach the £10 Club?? i think if Egypt get to the Knockout stages (which is not impossible) and he makes a move in the summer then the £10 Club is very possible !!



  • If he scores against city and makes the semis he'll get 10 quid, it's all about hype

  • @Gawa If he scores the gwg that knocks city out the index will lose it's mind

  • @Noirx4 i think he will

  • @Noirx4 oh man can you imagine the scenes? Definitely a possibility that's going to be a great set of games

  • If this week is anything to go by than he has a great baseline MB now - seems to be in the media without doing anything - right up there with the other big guns Neymar Messi at al. Looks like there was a drop this morn when he was out of the MB but now he's back in the top 3 and rising again! With CL, WC and the endless transfer spec to come , as well as regular chance of PB , I'd guess he'll be £10 sooner rather than later

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