New to football index

  • Hello guys/girls

    I'm new to this
    What is it exactly I have to do ?
    Do I buy a team who I believe will perform and there value increases?
    Or do I put a certain amount of money on certain players for the bedroom round of fixtures??
    Anyone able to give me a little starter

  • @NewUser134174, Hey....welcome to the Index !!, First question to ask yourself is how much do you really know about football because if you are purely on here to buy players for the team that you support then that will be the downfall of you (unless you support your Ultimate team on Fifa 18 then you might be in with a chance).

    There are a few regulars on this forum that will give you great tips but a tip from me is start by looking at a few stats from and build your portfolio from there....



  • Hello mate, firstly, welcome!

    Secondly, definitely read the game rules on the FI site before you start spending money! Unfortunately they are not totally accurate, but I'll get to that.

    You buy and sell individual players (hopefully for a profit!). Whether prices rise or fall is largely down to the dividends scheme. Your players earn you "dividends" (money from FI that goes into your cash balance) if they earn the most Media Buzz (MB) points in a day (will get to that) or the most Performance Buzz (PB) points in their position in one of the eligible competitions (EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Europa League, Champions League, World Cup).

    The MB points are based on articles with a player's full name in the RSS feed of a list of UK media outlets (not sure of the full list). Normally the player with the most points at midnight will earn you 5p per share you own. But at the moment as there are no matches eligible for the top player earns 8p, 2nd 5p, 3rd 2p.

    PB points are calculated based on this table:
    How high the PB dividends are depends on how many eligible games are being played that day. I've got to run so I'll let someone else fill in the blanks!

    To earn the dividends you have to have bought the shares by 2 p.m. that day and still hold them when the dividends are paid out a bit after midnight (this is different to what's in the game rules).

    So a good tip just now look for players who will be in the UK media a lot (either as they are already EPL media favourites or are likely to transfer there) and/or who score well using that PB matrix, especially if they are still in European competitions (x3 PB). The World Cup will also have dividends so bear that in mind too. Watch the market for a bit before you put too much cash in!

    I probably forgot a bunch of stuff but should help you get started. There's also a YouTube/Twitter channel called FI Guide that's very helpful!

  • Oh the selling process also needs explaining if someone wants to cover that! :)

    I'm off for a bit ...

  • @NewUser134174 When you do come to sell you will have 2 options both of which you will charged a 2% commission fee based on the value you sell at.

    1. Sell to the market. This means you will set a value (normally a few pence below current market rate) below which you will NOT sell. Your shares will then be placed in a queue until someone buys them. Provided the players value stays above the threshold you will sell at the value of the player at the time your place is reached.

    2. Instant sell. This means you sell back to football index and it will be done instantly (barring any block on instant sell will come to that). This normally will be for about 5-10% less than the current market rate. This market spread is based on all sorts of things and is there to protect player values.

    When instant sell is blocked. Sometimes FI will block the ability to instant sell for a few hours or a day. This usually happens when there is a market shock e.g.. neymar gets injured everyone starts hammering instant sell and a crash starts. The index locks instant sell so people can calm down and then reactivate it.

    If I've missed anything I'm sure someone else will add to it.

  • Firstly welcome to the index

    A couple of points I would make, firstly start off small, see what strategies work for you and only buy one or two players so that the inevitable mistakes that you make at the beginning don't sting too much (we've all made them)

    Secondly personally I think a Twitter account is a must as the regular news outlets are too slow to publish news stories and so players prices will have changed as a result

    On the subject of twitter, the number one account to follow is football index guide, his YouTube videos and podcasts will go a long way to telling you everything you need to know when starting out

    Good luck!

  • @NewUser134174 however also on Twitter avoid Twitter tips they are mostly people pushing their own agenda not trying to help you

  • @Noirx4 yes, 100% this, every 'tip' on twitter is to be taken with a pinch of salt

  • I would watch it for a few weeks, its very volatile especially if you dont know what your doing.

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