Bale going up up up!

  • So opinions?!
    Bale joining £6, maybe £7 club this summer with his imminent return to the premier league, also probably a good shout to pick up some MB over the summer transfer window!

  • Yeah I would think he'll reach £6 not sure on mb its a possibility? And I'm sure if he does return to the prem at the right club he's gonna pick up pb

  • It was no secret last season, this was the season it was the plan for him to come to UTD , I think there a good fit for each other. UTD might struggle to attract top end flair players and Bale will struggle to attract a top end club that can handle his wages, so it makes sense, Mourinho likes players of the 28 year old age range , last throw of the dice for him Jose before he bails out after 3rd season

  • I can’t see anyone paying big money for bale his injury record is terrible.

    Madrid will have to cut their losses.

    As a united fan, yes 5 years ago he was brilliant but now he is a crock.

  • Bale is flying now!! Transfer rumours and a couple of goals for Wales are driving this i assume?!

  • @Jay-Frazz Yep! Interestingly one of the MB articles suggest a move to China rather than Man U. Don't really believe it myself, but that would cause one of the monumental Index crashes - you couldn't get a bigger contrast in MB terms! From an Index point of view, maybe attracting attention with goals versus China isn't the best move ...

  • @BL__FI - Haha! Probably some journalist saw him at the airport in China for their friendly and got carried away!!

  • £5 has fallen!

    Bale may be the next player to rocket!!!!

  • @BL__FI No way is he going to china, a good old fashioned Wales boy, he really struggled to integrate with spain and learn Spanish, no way is he going to China to learn Chinese, and have you seen his Mrs she likes shopping and WAG stuff to much to be stuck in China, the China rumour came about because Madrid was annoyed at spurs and UTD offers of around 52 million, so he angrily said I would get a better deal selling him to China.

  • Top of the MB today so far too!

    Looks like i finally bought one of the big boys at the right time! :)

  • Fingers crossed the UTD rumours stay here all summer to milk the MB as much as possible, nice drawn out transfer saga. I got involved as well so enjoying the green.

  • The Bale transfer saga is going to be well drawn out over the spring and summer. He it's definitely worth holding for a while.

  • I read the China story and it's just clickbait. It basically says that Bale won't go to China in the article after the headline! Still looks a good investment to me - CL opportunities too

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