If you had to pick a starting 11 for euros of players to invest in

  • Thought it would be interesting to see who’d people would pick if they had to choose a starting 11: (I always tend to be pushed towards defenders when investing as they are cheaper 😂) my starting 11 would be

    Gk Courtois - (finding form and could go far with Belgium)
    Def Mykolenko - (young and decent pb scores plus Ukraine dark horse)
    Def Ginter -( seems to start for Germany and has goal in him)
    Def Matvyenko - (EL and also transfer spec and Ukraine)
    Def Pavard -( decent pb scores and potential to go far)
    MID Calhanoglu -( main man for turkey and transfer spec)
    MID Xhaka - (High pb, could be on set pieces for Switz)
    MID Barella -( young, usually starts forItaly and inter)
    MID Guerrerio - (finding form at Dortmund only concern is that he may play lb and is classed as mid)
    ATT Lukaku - (Belgium’s main striker should do well)
    ATT Morata -( hopefully Spain’s starting st hopefully finds form again but has dipped in price)

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on this team? Anything I’m missing or picks I’ve missed?

  • @PompeyFc

    Missing some Croatians.

    How any of them are you going to hold into next season?

  • @Dan-The-Man personally don’t think Croatia are as strong as they used to be but do like barisic and Petkovic.

    From my picks players who I’m confident of holding would be Calhanoglu, two Ukrainian defenders and probably pavard

    What would your 11 be?

  • @PompeyFc
    like this, look fwd to doing mine tonight

  • @PompeyFc

    I'll maybe have a proper think later, but Croatia were in the World Cup Finals, 18 months ago... just how far can they have fallen?

  • @Dan-The-Man main players from that team were over 30 then (modric, perisic, mandzukcic, perisic, Vida) I think they will get out the group but can’t see them beating any of the big teams like France, Spain, Germany, Portugal etc

  • @Dan-The-Man id hope england have enough to get past them this time

  • Making my picks based on MB/PB over the tournament with some obvious biased in some areas towards players i currently hold

    GK- Dean Henderson or Jordan Pickford (gk are unlikely to compete for PB so i have to make my choice based on chances of MB)

    Def- Ben Chilwell (has shown decent PB for england and may get transfer spec over the summer)

    Def- Harry Maguire ( bound to be a media focal point, how many times will they talk about him being the worlds most expensive defender. Plus ill bet he has a howler at some point they will talk about

    Def- VVD (good PB and MB opportunities)

    Def- Akanji (probably my least obvious selection but before the PB changes he was a decent PB hold and i feel he still can be)

    Mid- Sabitzer (great PB scores and Austria dont have the hardest group and i also hold him in my portfolio)

    Mid- De Bruyne ( top PB scores and Belgium have to be one of the favourites to win)

    Mid- Sancho ( a summer of MB)

    Mid- Bruno Fernandes (likely to get plenty of MB and score high on the PB)

    Fwd- Kane (he may or may not feature in the tournament but he will be all over the media

    Fwd- Ronaldo (will it be his last tournament? Im sure the media will speculate)

    Theres plenty more id love to select but these i felt were my first choices. I only hold 4 of the above selections. I should also add that my choices are based purely on dividend potential and regardless of current price because i find cap app even harder to predict and really in essence earning dividends should lead to cap app

  • Not a great story coming out about Maddison getting snapped on a piss up in Dubai. Not that it seems a massive story but after the casino pics last time round I doubt Southgate is going to be overly happy. Does this affect his chances of getting into the England squad?

  • @Black-wolf nice! I hold VVD, maguire and ronaldo, was steeringa way from the expensive ones but I think most of not all will see a rise

  • Based on potential for cap app, pb, mb, favourable draws, beneficial transfers, potential for breakout tournament and even potential for favourable positional changes or matrix changes

    Van De Beek

  • Will have a look at this later and buy 1 future in each of the players i dont already own to track.
    ( bearing in mind I styled my portfolio in November/December for the euro's, so additional choices will be who have come on my radar since then)👍

  • Courtois, Pavard, Gomez, Maguire, Bernat, Perisic, Calhanloglu, DVDB, E Hazard, Kane and Griezmann

  • @Dan-w can you not just stick them in the watch list and save yourself the money?

  • @Black-wolf doesn't work on my fone... what's it on? Although I'm aiming to make money...😉

  • @Dan-w iphone one works brilliantly

  • Why’s everyone obsessed with Barella. Average player, average PB, no set pieces, won’t get a move to bigger club than he’s at.

  • GK- Gianluigi Donnarumma (best up and coming keeper, always big news in italy, would get a move)

    Def LB - Borna Barisic (on set pieces so will get assists, will get a move to the prem IMO)

    Def- Virgil Van Dijk (powerhouse defender, recently crowned prem league champ)

    Def- Conor Coady (convinced myself hes getting picked)

    Def RB- Benjamin Pavard (natural PB performer in an attacking french team)

    Mid- Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (the media wants to love him, if he stays fit he'll be one of englands best players)

    Mid- Bruno Fernandes (the new MB king will attract attention, and portugal look strong)

    Mid- Donny van de Beek (will be linked with everyone)

    Mid- Dejan Kulusevski (new wonderkid will be touted as Ronaldo replacement at Juve)

    Fwd- Mikel Oyarzabal - (has become a fairly big part of spain team and will be linked to Prem)

    Fwd- Romelu Lukaku - (will be a big player in the tournament with constant references back to united)

    feel free to agree/disagree with any of my selections...

  • @G27 cant disagree with that. I think youve mentioned more players that i hold than i did 😂

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