Foden rise a matter of time?

  • @ChazFI123 said in Foden rise a matter of time?:

    @NewUser69589 he's also 4 years older mate, Foden would start most games for every team in the league apart from probably Liverpool so I don't think he's doing that bad for a 19 year old

    I loath comparing players with such a difference in age but I suppose if you want to put things into perspective;

    Maddison at 19 was on loan at Aberdeen ... 🥰

  • @ChazFI123 Didn’t you say he was head and shoulders above Maddison in the tournament
    Maddison would have played min 20-25 games for city this year
    Foden has potential but he’s no where near top level as you’re suggesting imo

  • @King-Fergus I mean he's only played 27 games for Leicester, but yeah I'm sure he'd play just as much ahead of Gundagon, Rodri, David Silva, KDB etc. I'm not saying Foden is the finished article what I am saying is that he is the best U'20 player in the country, Maddison may get more game time currently but I'd be a bit disappointed if a 23 year old couldn't!

  • As it stands now..
    If Foden was at Leicester he would start.
    If Madison was at City..he would play more than Foden but not a guaranteed starter.
    ..but foden is 19 and Madison is 23. Due to these current ages of these 2 players...Foden is better as 4 years younger and personally better ability.

  • I don’t think foden will be as creative or pb scorer as Maddison. That’s currently and especially if he goes to United. If he went city foden would get zero games 😁

  • @King-Fergus i cant see any reason city would buy maddison and i think Maddison at city would get less game time than their homegrown teenager. Plus Maddison at United would be terrible for his PB as he wont take set pieces there. The only plus for Maddison at United is MB but even then he would struggle because he wouldnt be the medias main focus within that team

  • @King-Fergus

    Disagree. Over the last year, his PB per 90 minute averages 202. Yes that's spliced together across a lot of sub appearances but clearly shows his game suits the PB matrix.

  • City's fixtures next two weeks:
    West Ham (h)
    Leic (a)
    Madrid (a)
    A Villa (n) - cup final

    Clearly no guarantees as he's only started one PL game this season, but of all these games, I would hope Foden has a decent chance of starting tonight.

  • @SIFI said in Foden rise a matter of time?:

    City's fixtures next two weeks:
    West Ham (h)
    Leic (a)
    Madrid (a)
    A Villa (n) - cup final

    Clearly no guarantees as he's only started one PL game this season, but of all these games, I would hope Foden has a decent chance of starting tonight.

    Snubbed again.

  • The way I see it, no champions league football for the next couple seasons means even less game time for Foden. A few of his appearances have come from CL and without that I see less opportunities - Pep clearly doesn’t think he’s ready to start in the league.
    You might say David Silva going will help, but I’d be surprised if City didn’t buy someone to replace him; you can’t expect Foden to walk into the team and do what David Silva has been doing straight away. If he was that good he’d be playing already

  • Just had a look at the league starts for City this season, David Silva has only started 16 of 27 this season. So if Foden was his replacement you'd assume that Foden would have started the majority of those remaining 11 games, in fact he's only started 2. Think holders may have to have even more patience with this one

  • He really should have gone out on loan this season.

  • Unfortunately a lot of these extremely well paid young people are happy sitting on the bench raking in the cash. In most professions and trades, you're only paid well once you achieve something or make a name for yourself. In football, you can be extremely well paid just for having 'potential'.

    If he has anything about him, Foden should push for a move (or at least a season long loan) over the Summer, but I'm not sure he will. More likely Pep will make him false promises about more game time next season, he'll lap it up and then find himself in much the same position in 12 months time.

    If you compare him to Jadon Sancho... both 19, but otherwise there is no comparison in terms of what they've achieved at first team level.

    [I hold neither]

  • @King-Fergus said in Foden rise a matter of time?:

    Such silly comments on here. Foden is a good youngster but he gets so overated on here it’s silly.
    Suppose it’s the same people that are saying negative things about Pep because he is second in the league

    There’s a reason he hasn’t played much last 1-2 years, he’s young and not entirely good enough, yet.

    I think yesterday's performance clearly shows that Foden is good enough now and should be starting ahead of David Silva in the league (already over and no risk of not qualifying for Champions league) if he is indeed to be his replacement next season.

    It's only fair on the lad, who clearly should be in the England squad for Euro 2020.
    He'll be 20 then. Not exactly a baby in football terms.

    If he's on the bench again for the next few games, Pep is out of order

  • £4 will look a silly price if/when playing week in week out

  • @ScouseSte I don't think he'll keep his place, but I don't think David Silva will either. Rodri Gundagon KDB seems his first choice 3, I'd be amazed if Foden starts away at United in the league. United Chelsea Liverpool and Real in their next lot of fixtures, i'd be surprised if he started half of those

  • @ChazFI123

    Well he should! Haha

  • @ChazFI123
    I’ll be surprised if he started any of those.

  • @King-Fergus said in Foden rise a matter of time?:

    I’ll be surprised if he started any of those.

    He will play on Wednesday against Wednesday 😆 In the FA Cup I suspect. Another good showing will do him no harm

  • City fan here and its very frustrating for all City fans, none of us understand why he doesnt get more game time. His quality is undeniable and weve had many chances to give him some minutes. Like 2 years ago when we were running away with the league, and now this season where we have nothing to play for in the league. Im not saying he should start every game, but he should start every now and then, as well as coming on for 20min, not 2 minutes which is usually the case ffs, especially in games like West Ham last week, when we already had the game won. I dont get it, we should be using this time to build him up for next season, especially since weve been told for 2 years he will take David Silvas place once his contract ends

    I certainly wouldnt expect him to start games when he cant even get 20mins here and there. The FA cup showing will have no effect on whether he plays more often this season, that will have already been decided. Hes had quality games in the past then didnt play again for months

    If/When he does become a first team regular he will be huge on here, as hes the kind of player and the right team to rack up incredible PB points.

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