A few quick suggestions for the future:

  • I've been using the site for about a week, seen 2.5% returns (I know it's media madness, I'm not Warren Buffet, chill....). It's such a great concept meshing football and trading and is a lot of fun!

    However, for the platform to go forward I've got a few suggestions:

    1. The portfolio page needs to allow you to see your player information when you click on the name/picture. Real pain going back and forth between the other pages.

    2. Graphs need to be more detailed, with timings as short as the last 5-30mins, maybe even a live ticker, and eventually, when there is enough data, going back over a number of years.

    3. Ability to short player prices. I like the idea of buying shares in a player and then selling the shares that you own, makes it feel like your trading something real (even though its not haha). However, It would also be a neat option to be able to short share prices (betting that a players price will drop without already owning shares).

    4. There needs to be more detailed information about the shares you hold in a player. I know you can look through your transaction history, but that is unnecessarily long. Would be much better to click on a player in your portfolio and be able to see what shares were bought at what price (an average is nice but not enough on its own), how long they have been held etc.. and then having the ability to sell a specific share that was bought at a specific price.

    5. It would be nice to have the option to see player increases/decreases in percentages in your portfolio.

    6. Having a Take Profit and Stop Loss function!

    7. Ability to buy at future price. So I could set a future order to automatically buy shares in a player when they hit a certain price.

    Been great fun so far so just a few suggestions for the future!

    Happy trading,


  • @cjw95 I would be dead against any kind of shorting on this site purely because the Twitter overlords could massively manipulate the market driving a lack of confidence in the platform.

  • @Noirx4 Well that's a fair point I hadn't thought of that. But there does need to be mechanisms of securing trades in what is quite a volatile market, especially when looking at big name players

  • @cjw95 - Some really good points and observations here...

    Like @Noirx4, the best thing about FI is the inability to short like the stock market. When the sell off stops, you have greater visibility of the upcoming movements - without a big institution betting against your smaller holding. Not to mention the Twitter movements!

    The future buy price puts the fundamentals of a buying book in place - but would make a very interesting dynamic to the market...

    Next thing people will be asking for L2! ;)

  • What about adding managers to the platform, and possibly teams? Managers would purely be on media buzz. And teams could be done on media buzz, and top performing team that day in Europe?

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