Football INDEX - Due Diligence

  • I am new to Football Index and three weeks into holding an account I have received an email titled “Football Index - Due Diligence”. They have asked that I send them photos of the back and front of my credit card, a bill with address on and ID. I was not informed that photos of these documents would be required when signing up. Is this legit?

  • I've never been asked for those details myself but I know it does happen. They reserve the right to request proof of ID in section 7 of the T&Cs. You can wait and see if anyone here has had the exact same email, but I would suspect it's legit.

  • Perfectly normal for any betting site. Happened to me all the time when I was betting with online bookies.

  • @NewUser128630 its common practice in the gambling industry mate

    Its to protect against potential money laundering

    Send your bits off and you will be verified

  • @NewUser128630 yep a number of us have been through the process and asked the same questions. It basically happens when you either deposit a certain amount or your portfolio hits a certain value.

  • Thanks for all your replies. Just found it a bit suspicious that they threatened to freeze my account (including withdrawals) if I didn’t send all this through. It leaves me with no choice really!

  • Photo ID and utility bill with address is bog standard money laundering checking - nothing to be concerned about at all. They are just following regulations and you've been selected is all. Standard practice for a lot of businesses not just bookies etc.

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