• Anyone caught your eye in the friendlies? This De Ligt looks a decent player

  • Hateboer on the right side looks good to me
    They have a few good prospects in that team

  • @NewUser108933 from what I've seen coming out of Holland de ligt is one of the ones more likely to move sooner rather than later. I bought De Jong earlier in the season and at the time it was a toss up between the two of them for me. Barca have had lots of reports of being interested

  • Please expand on this and your justification on paying close to £1 on a player that has no PB value, your gambling on a transfer happening, he's a defender, so already close to his ceiling price, and after all that, if all them ifs buts maybes happen, he then has to make his way into the first team, I literally would rather buy Zlatan Ibrahimovic ( thats a joke BTW ) You can pay just over £1 for Belatolli, JKA or 59p for Luka Jovic who is already in the top 5 doing the business now, 6 goals in 5 starts, 2 goals mid week for the under 21s, oh and is a striker not a defender, seriously confused to your post, but I have an open mind.

  • Yes lots of ways to play this and make money it seems. We are essentially buying futures though, so speculating for profit over the next 3 years. Regarding de Ligt, An 18 yr old looking composed playing for Dutch National team with the potential hype of a Barcelona move and rise in value sounds like a decent punt. I think the other players you mention are also good investments for different reasons.

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