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  • Hi, does anyone have a view on investing in Championship players? I'm new so when building my portfolio I took a punt on Kalvin Phillips and he's currently my top performer. I'm thinking promotion contenders & those players who may get their big move to the Prem. Is there any reason not to invest or keep Championship as a secondary strategy?

  • @FMikey It’s good to get on the top young championship players but come transfer windows they’re probably overpriced. At the moment imho I believe Eze is the one who could potentially become £4/5. He’s class and has a great trend fit.

  • I've also got Callum Robinson on watch as his loan deal to WBA looks like it could win them the Championship. I guess, it's probably a good secondary strategy. Am i right in thinking they don't qualify for match day bonuses though (sure I read that somewhere but can't find it now...) Thanks :)

  • @FMikey No. No match day dividends in the championship. Callum Robinson is a decent shout, price hasn’t inflated beyond potential imo.

  • I got some feedback on Tom Cairney recently, i took a punt on him as i just thought @ 37p theres not much risk. hes a great player and i see him either getting promotion with fulham or he has a release clause in his contract if not promoted. he didnt live up to the hype last time he was in the prem but personally i think hes a better player now

  • I'm invested in Callum Robinson. He's really impressed since his move last month. I see him at 90p plus at least.

  • Top 5 to invest in from the Championship for me would be Jude Bellingham, Ollie Watkins, Said Benrahma, Jayden Bogle and Alexander Mitrovic

    All were constantly rumoured with Prem Lge moves in January and most likely to move in the Summer, they've all practically outgrown the Championship imo

  • Ovie Ejaria I like the look of as well. Great assist at the weekend. Took out 3 or 4 players with that through ball. Hes on loan from Liverpool I believe but looks too good for reading. Real talent. He's not gone unnoticed on the market. Steady increases throughout the season.

  • Thanks everyone. It's an interesting area & I guess could be an untapped mine between now and the playoffs with holds for Prem transfer potentials. Happy to use this thread to keep discussion going on progress...

  • @Dalien-Smith said in Championship players:

    Ovie Ejaria I like the look of as well. Great assist at the weekend. Took out 3 or 4 players with that through ball. Hes on loan from Liverpool I believe but looks too good for reading. Real talent. He's not gone unnoticed on the market. Steady increases throughout the season.

    Reading have an obligation to buy (not an option) so it’s likely he’ll have another season there.

  • For me its a market that is grossly overvalued and over invested in, but that means you can make money in it.

    Of course you can find a few gem players in there - James Maddison being a great example.

    But Jarrod Bowen is now West Hams most expensive player on the index by over 60p. Completely unproven at the top level. Benhrahma and Watkins won't go to top 6 clubs imo, so then you are looking at them being the most expensive player on the Index for the likes of Southampton/Sheff United. I think you can make money but be very careful when you get off, unless you truly believe in a player i would sell as soon as they move.

  • @Coleyscrooge I'm keeping a watching brief for the moment. Option to buy is only 3 million. I see his value higher than that. Reading could cash in for double or treble that in summer.

  • One of my first buys was Krovinovic at 44p late in the summer - held on a negative for a long time but finally came good, sold recently at 66p.

    It's not a quick process and I wouldn't jump in again quickly, but of course there is money to be had. I just worry about Benrahma being the next Knockaert.

  • Any love for Matt Philips at WBA?? Looking good to go up and could go to the Euros with Scotland...

  • Adarabioyo who's on loan at Blackburn has been their best player this season. Only 59p, 22 years old looks a bit of a bargain especially if he carries on with the form he's in at the minute could be in city's team in the next few years. If not i can see a move to another prem club

  • Benrahma and Eze are the two i've invested in, although both are closing in on £2 now.

    If Leeds go up Costa and Harrison could go up a few pence over the summer.

    I'm keeping my eye on Browne and Pearson at Preston as I think a lower end premier league/newly promoted team may take a punt.

    Bradley Dack - I know he's out injured at the moment for a long time, but currently at 59p and will probably drop a bit more - one i'd be looking at topping up on next season.

  • @Nicoooo9 no he’s not our best player! He’s good but unlikely to get in Man City’s first team unless everyone leaves due to the ban.

    Can see him having another season on loan either in Holland/Belgium or a different Champ team next year; if he kicks on he’ll be worth more but as a CB there is better value in euro for similar players imo as a rovers fan

  • @Sav2000 Really you don't think he's our best player. I think at the minute he would get in low end prem teams. Palace, Newcastle etc. I have to disagree in thinking there is much better value out there, I suppose time will tell. I'm also a rovers fan btw.

  • @FMikey

    I tend to feel Championship players are overpriced as they are fairly well known and future transfers or promotions are already built into the price.

    I personally prefer looking into the second tier of Germany, France, Italy and Spain or non PB leagues like Scotland, Holland and Belgium. Also the non PB league players have a greater chance of International football, EL or CL for dividends.

  • @Nicoooo9 is Dack good enough for the step up?

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