Buy Sell price difference

  • Forgive the question, but indulge a newbie. I've noticed with some players that there is quite a gap between the buy and sell price. As I type there is a 28pence difference between Harry Kane's buy price (9.44) and sell price (9.16).
    Why is there such a big gap?

  • Players who have been bought or sold alot recently... As in more activity in their futures. Have a bigger gap, this is to protect against people taking a quick profit and instant selling. The much lower instant sell value is meant to put u off doing it and protect the market overall. It's to make investments more stable for everyone.

  • @John-Renwick Thanks for your reply... So the prices are 'set' by the Football Index people, based on trading activity.... and not the traders 'ask' themselves?
    ie: the more activity on a player, the wider the difference is likely to be?

  • @NewUser104652 yes. I'm not sure how they devise what the 'spread' in prices should be. Like if there's a formula or if it's a human decision by someone at FI but it's always bigger the more volatile a player is. So if Salah Wen mental like he has recently, going up n down constantly he'll have a big spread. But if he then went months without anyone buying or selling then the different between buy and sell would get closer together.

  • @John-Renwick Cheers John. That makes sense.

  • @John-Renwick actually the spread on Salah is pretty good at 3%. It's the same as Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo etc. I see it as the larger the spread the slower the sell to market. Although the spread is manipulated in order to deter mass sell offs as seen when Neymar got injured. 3% spread is the standard really some players beat it but a lot don't

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