Selling players at reserve price

  • How difficult is it to sell players at a reserve price? Obviously instant sell wipes out considerable profit and I wish to avoid this and use it only as a last resort, but when a player is £2.50 and you reserve a price at £2.48, is that enough of a drop to get a sale relatively quickly, or does it need to be lower than that?

    I know it’s based on whether anyone else is actually going to buy who you’re selling, but just looking for a figure below current buy price that most have found works for them?

  • As far as I know, it doesn’t matter what you set reserve price at until it actually gets that low.
    If you sell to market at £2.50 then you’ll get placed in the que just as you would if you didn’t set reserve and if by the time it’s your turn to sell in the que and the player hasn’t dropped in price you’d sell him at £2.50 and if by chance he’s increased in that time which is unlikely unless your selling when players really on the up you would sell at his higher current sell price.
    Reserve is there so you don’t sell below a price your happy to sell when it comes round to your turn in the que.
    I hope I got that right but happy for someone to correct me if wrong.

  • @Golfing-Grandad First question is whether anyone can confirm the reserve price actually works? I used it a bit back in Sept / Oct but gave up with it as the system still sold my players below the reserve price.

  • That I can’t comment on. As whenever my sales have gone below my reserve I’ve just cancelled them.

  • Reserve price doesnt work.

    Sell to market works pretty well as long as its not an obscure player or someone falling.

  • This is why if a player is rising it can be best to aim for selling just below the peak when they are still rising as sell to market is easy.

    Once the player has peaked, sell to market is harder.

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