Messi Top Up Time

  • Anyone else think now is a good time to top up on Messi holdings?

    Easy game this weekend at home to Eibar and then champions league involvement should see a nice rise next week.


  • I'd probably wait until closer to the euros where he's gonna REALLY face a dip, which would be the perfect time to top up for next season.

    He'll also face a large dip when Barca inevitably get knocked out the champs, so I'd time it between then and closer to the euros.

  • @NewUser451061 always looks like a good trade, until you have him... Then see the spread and constant dips even after winning divs. As above... Buy in summer... Will be much cheaper and if you buy early summer I reckon there will be a div increase announcement mid youl get a nice boost then

  • I’m probably done purchasing Messi ever again unless something drastic changes. Made my money on him and got out at a small profit, but it’s way too frustrating seeing his price rises and dips that make no sense/have no correlation to how he performs in real life. With how people behave in recent months he could score a hat trick and still drop in price.

    Neymar for me is a much more stable player to have for right now. I could probably sell now in profit and buy back during Euros, but I’m happy to just leave him in there for a while

  • Trying to sell...over 2 weeks now, I'm at a lose and need the monies to buy other Euro targets. Hoping he finally sells between weekend and CL game.

  • Still holding. In my opinion Messi is a very good hold. Too many people chasing silly speculation prospects and prefer to throw away their money than buy into a real dividend returner. There will be a dividend increase at some point soon and Messi will benefit from it greatly. Let’s not forget he is still to play a minimum of 2 to 3 more years at top level. Just wait for the euros where England do not get very far at all and all the money from the Instant sales go back into players like Messi. The 🐐 will charge to the top once again.

  • @Sol He may well have 2 to 3 years at the top level. But you need to look it as a new user. Does £5.15 for a player who will be worth zero in 2-3 years sound good value when I can buy a player costing £1 who could be £2 in 12 months.
    I understand the dividends part but if dividends are just offsetting capital depreciation then it's not worth it for most people.
    His price is only going one way over the next 3-4 months and, in my estimation, he will fall more than he wins in dividends. He'll rise again in the summer but we'll go through the same cycle again next season only at lower values than now as will be closer to retirement.
    Over time his price can only possibly trend one way - down. There will be some peaks in that but the overall trend has to be down given that he will be worth nothing at some point. A lot of people don't want that stress.

  • I sold my Messi's on roughly 7th Feb for £5.27 (I think) since then he has fallen another 15p ish. With that money I invested in Van De Beek who's gone up over 20% for me already, I personally don't see the point in holding Messi when everyone know his value is going to continue falling. Surely you may as well move your money elsewhere and try and make the most of what is going to be a growing market. At best with Messi his dividends may offset the depreciation but do people genuinely believe in 2 years time they'll still be sitting in profit with him (assuming they buy now)?

  • At the £5 mark in my opinion he is still a great investment. Each to their own. When Germany gets on board and the announcement of the inevitable dividend increase happens, I firmly believe Messi will be comfortably in the £5.50 range. I also have no doubt Messi will return over £4 - £5 in dividends over 2 years.

  • @Sol what price do you think a 35 year old Lionel Messi will be?

  • @Sol If you buy today at £5.12 and he returns £5 in divs by the end of the 2021/22 season and retires you have lost 12p per future over a 2 year hold in a market that is absolutely booming. It's pure stubbornness to fight the market on it. Sell now, buy back in June, sell in December will make you far more money than just holding to be able to say I told you so in August.
    Nobody disputes he's a great dividend earner but you are fighting market sentiment for the inevitable decline.

  • There will be a point where a couple of big holders exit and he will hit a silly price, like ronaldo not too long ago. Then it's a game of cat and mouse he is going to have a mountain range graph for next two years... Every big announcement he will rise... Then dip for months then rise etc. One of the big dips will be when barca are knocked out of CL. The rise will be early simmer as people predict and/or react to a div increase... Global media outlets... Expansion etc.

    I'd advise most people to stay well clear... I'll prob dip in and out but with eyes open that it has strong chance of being a losing bet every time I do. Il find it fun tho

  • @Vespasian32 That's the opportunity with Messi now though.
    Trading the rises and falls, successfully, will be far more profitable than holding for the next 2 years for divs when the overall trend has to be down. He is ultimately trending to zero, with some pretty big peaks and troughs along the way.

  • @janner73 I did it with HMV trading real shares, such a buzz... But that was even more tricky as HMV floated between 8-11p almost hourly for weeks on end.

    Messi will be easier than that

  • @Vespasian32 Yeah Messi has some very triggers for peaks and troughs as you said in your initial post.

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