Friendly internationals mean jack s#*t to FI

  • Your always learning about the index and I’ve learned this week that Friendly internationals mean ‘F’ all to players MB. Unless it’s England players.
    I was expecting Ronaldo v Salah would have decent media coverage pre match but after Salah scores and Ronaldo scored 2 injury time goals to win it there’s literally No media attention at all.
    Never mind sure they’ll both rise when p.b comes back into play.

  • Find all this international boring. No where near the same movement in the market like there is normally. And completely agree with last night, I too was expecting something.

  • FI don’t decide what the reporters think it would be of interest to the British population, don’t see why they should write about Salah vs Ronaldo when England is playing and trying to shape the team for an upcoming World Cup, that is what people really care about I would think?

  • Why would the british media care about a friendly that doesnt involve a british team ?

    Personally I am surprised it got as much coverage as it did.

  • But with the amount of attention on Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi who Dont play in England for MB, why not the same attention on them during International break, that was my query. But as I said I’ve learned something new.

  • Those 3 are arguably the best players in the world hence the papers tend to write about them, it is FI prices to reflect what goes on the media rather than the other way around, good to leaarn the dynamics of players prices when they get on/off the media interest

  • Looking at the top 3

    For 99 percent of english fans, england friendlies are more important than portugal ones so you would expect lingard to come above ronaldo and salah

    Ronaldo placed

    Messi got other spot. There was a bit of furore about him not playing. Not sure if this is why he won but again it was a game in england so more relevant to english media. Especially if there is a perceived rip off.

    Not sure why the top 3 would surprise you or what you have learned. There is a reason english players have a premium price.

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