• With a move to la galaxy and the possibility of coming out of retirement for World Cup, surely worth a gamble on futures?

  • @NewUser123670 no,no,no,no,no, would be my advise lol

  • Nearly mentioned this the other day is there a bigger drop in less than a year £6 down to sub70p ouch

  • What a fall from grace, a great example on how it is well possible to be on the wrong side of a trade and lose money as a consequence

  • Look at his age, one big injury and that is your lot. Look at players potentially vunerable . Ronaldo springs to mind mainly, even Messi.

  • Surely not - can’t believe a few are piling in. Funny old game is FI.. I suppose if he gets a few MBs then will get pay back.. What was his IPO price, that is the maths - How many MBs & PBs in and run up to WC, versus the lowest he can go....

  • @Happy-Hornet the chance of him ever returning a single divided is miniscule, am sure some people just don't understand how the index works or are just being mislead with info

  • I haven't brought any shares in him, but with is price going up there always opportunities to make a little in him and at low risk with him around 60p 70p, wouldn't put anybody's off having a bash just keep an eye on the market, still plenty of time till a ball is kicked in the World Cup and he's bound to play well til then just be on he ball that's what I'd say.

  • He would need to more than double in price to reach the top 200 n b available for MB or PB. And he's a huge risk. If he comes out tomoro and says hes not gonna come out of retirement it'll be the fastest sell off of shares ever. Too much risk with not alot of potential for me.

  • @Pat-Hiscock He rose 27p per share always opportunities

  • @TradingJournal not sure as to why u tagged me in this reply av never said his price wouldn't rise. I would still advise against buying him, his growth is based on nothing and as I did say he will never return a single dividend ever again..

  • @Pat-Hiscock Because people not understanding how the index works is actually proven to move the market. Which was proven with the 27p per share movement. Agree on the dividends part

  • Maybe he might prove to be a good buy?

  • @NewUser123670 its very risky to buy Ibra IMO. Cause of his age he will soon retire. And he does not play PL anymore, so he cannot win any PB. I would prefer and buy other players like the players from RB Salzburg.

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