FI is F'ING amazing

  • Can we all take a moment to realise how lucky we are to have invested into Football Index early enough to embrace this crazy growth period!

    A few weeks ago I decided I would start withdrawing any paid dividends into my bank account. With triple media it means every day this week I have been able to log in and withdraw money (totalling over £140 this week alone). These withdrawals have become a normal part of my morning routine and I love it!

    Making money in FI is proving so incredibly easy that it has begun to reduce the financial stresses of my day-to-day life.

    I truely hope FI is a success for years to come as over that time the money made will have such a positive impact on my life. Has anyone else noticed a difference since they started investing here?

    Happy trading everyone!

  • If you invested those dividends into the growing market, surely the returns would be even greater?..

  • Always good to hear positive things on FI. For me, although it's classed as gambling, I don't look at it that way, to me gambling is putting a bet on with one of many bookmakers and you either win or lose(mainly lose for me). 😂. So when I came across this it was a no brainer. Yes technically you are gambling on players futures, but pretty much you don't lose until you sell your bet. I like many others make a tidy growth in capital, I get small divedend from time to time. But when u weigh up what I was losing in what I call proper gambling before, I'm saving money too. I've been on here 6 weeks now and if I lost a couple of hundred some how, I wouldn't be in worse of place than I was. But something drastic would have to happen for that to come about. Who knows what the future holds on here. A £10 player in a year could be £20. Rather my money in here than in a 0.5% interest bank.

  • @James
    I’ve only just signed up but this really is a great platform with amazing opportunities. The potential growth is mindblowing. The user rate at the moment is only like 1% if not less than what it can go onto achieve.
    If you know what you’re doing and willing to work at it, you can do really well here!
    Well done on getting to where you’re at. That sounds awesome and I look forward to getting to that level!

  • It’s is incredable! Been trying to get my mates on it but (just as I did 9months ago when I was messing around with £50) they see it as a high risk gambling site.
    Just wished invested my savings 9 months ago rather than 1 month. But hopefully still on the boat early enough for some epic gains.

  • @CleanShirtTrader
    Yeah it's very tempting to keep reinvesting dividends in order to grow the portfolio further but if you don't withdraw any money then what's the point of investing at all?
    I think it's important to find a level you are happy with but I understand that is purely personal preference.

    I'm enjoying taking my profits each day and I just let the natural growth of the FOOTIE increase the size of the portfolio. If the FOOTIE continues to grow then there is no reason why my portfolio can't be worth twice as much this time next year without having to reinvest another penny.

  • Absolutely, I’ve think you’ve got a happy middle ground. If you don’t mind me asking, around how much have you put in and how much is your portfolio worth to be able to make £140 a week in dividends? I understand if you don’t want to inform of the exact amounts, just interested in a rough benchmark.
    Also, what actually is the FOOTIE? Mine says 16,055 +47.82. What is this in reference to?

  • @NewUser130585 My portfolio is roughly 12k.

    The FOOTIE is a figure to demonstrate the value of the Top 200 players. The higher the value of the Top 200 then the higher the value of the FOOTIE.
    Its value began in October 2015 at 1000. Today it sits at over 16000.

    The graph I have below shows the how the value has almost doubled in 6 months. Meaning if you had £1000 invested 6 months ago, without touching it it would likely be worth £2000 today.

  • @James
    Wow, good effort. A lot of investment but it's certainly worth it.

    Oh okay excellent, not a bad incline in 6 months that's for sure!

  • Well done! Up almost 20% here in less than 6 months, can’t think of any other investment offering such returns!

  • I'm 27% in 3ish months

  • It combines fun, income and a saving accounts. Whats not to love!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @SMacFI I honestly have no idea who you or Luka Jovic are but good luck with your trading anyway

  • I personally love the index, I've managed to turn £2,600 into £3,050 in just over 6 months, but in reality, most of that growth occurred in the last 3, any gains I'd made from dividends I'd pretty much wiped out with bad trading decisions (my first purchase was Salah at £1.77 a future, I panicked when he dropped to £1.74 and instant sold!)

    The appeal to me is two fold, obviously, the massive potential gains is the main one, but also, I'm more inclined to leave my money in the index and make it grow rather than it being in a savings account which a) makes me next to no interest and b) being easy to access, and therefore more likely to blow it!

  • Any idea why it is showing the footie to be at 1,065 today when it was at 16,000 a couple days ago? Have they reset it, changed what it's based on, just a glitch or what?

  • @cjw95 Just a glitch, they put out a tweet saying they were working on the issue.

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