Access to FI abroad?

  • So I’m off to the States in a couple of weeks and won’t be able to trade the Index while I am there. Will I be able to log on to my account without buying, selling, depositing or withdrawing or will I be be relying on snippets on twitter and fb to get an idea of how the players in my portfolio are doing?
    Does anyone know of another way that I can keep an eye on things?

  • @Twods - Yes mate, had a similar issue recently when going abroad.

    I think it is pretty certain that you can't log in - without risk of being frozen.
    However, the website (without log in) is fully functional to view Top 200, Squad, Live Rankings, Divi winners etc. - so as long as you know who's in your Portfolio, you can keep an eye on things!

    I gave me the hit i needed whilst away for 2 weeks!

  • Thanks for the info mate .

  • @Twods - You're welcome. The only thing that didn't work for me was the Forum - but that may have been the hotel Wifi blocking me...

  • Pop over to Canada ? ;)

  • Maybe if you log on with your mobile network? Would that work? Cos it's on British phone? Maybe?

  • I’ve been away this weekend so thought I’d cash in on my two biggest winners in case something went wrong whilst I was away (injury or new contract to quell transfer speculation) and couldn’t rectify it...

    Needless to say Salah and Werner are on the climb!!! Wounded. Make the decision of whether you’re happy risking a bit whilst you’re away if something goes wrong or not. I was risk-averse and it’s cost me this time but I’d hate to think I got back from holiday and my big players have been smashed to pieces!!

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